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What is McCarthyism?

Concept McCarthyism it is obliged by the origin to Joseph Reymond McCarthy. He, senator - the republican, in 1950 - m to year made the unusual statement.

It was reduced to the fact that it has a list from 205 - ti communists who work in government. To very few people the famous politician at once drew attention to himself. Exorcized all mass media about it.

In June, 1950 - go the report about communistic " was already published; filtrations on radio and television. 151 cultural figures on whom requirements were imposed were specified in the report: they had to leave work or prove the commitment to anticommunism. So began witch-hunt .

The peak of career of McCarthy is the share of his ardent speech which he delivered during a paid lunch in fund of Republican Party. Exactly here it quoted several lines from article published in To the Nye - York Tayms : I am convinced that the Communist Party should provide a political freedom and that communists need to allow to teach at universities All this was told on the air. All this drew attention. And already next day in newspapers it was possible to read the full text of the speech of McCarthy. By the way, the quote came to an end so: until in audience they do not disqualify themselves intellectual distortions .

It was an extraordinary event. And, according to some, this speech brought most of all voices for Eisenhower`s election. Perhaps, this is true. Then, according to Gallup Polls, about a half of Americans from among respondents supported investigations McCarthy. And only a quarter from them stated sharply negative assessment.

However in democratic America so long could not proceed. And in 1954 - m began to restrict to year McCarthyism. This global process is connected with names of two famous journalists: Edward Merrou and Fred Frendli. The first of them deservedly carried a title of the king of political journalism. It is enough to tell that he was the first western journalist who made the reporting of a concentration camp Buchenwald . And Fred Frendli, his producer, won reputation of the conscientious journalist. Here they - that also carried out special transfer how the civil rights are violated.

It was the beginning of the end of McCarthy. After a while the Senate already passed the decision which it blamed it. It after McCarthy entered debate with army, and it showed television. The special commission started investigation. She did not resort to the help of television this time, but for one reason: it was necessary to make everything that the audience forgot as soon as possible about this politician.

However McCarthy remained in the history. It is enough to tell that the actor and the director George Clooney shot the movie " recently; Good night and good luck . In it it is rather in detail told about how in the first years of development of television journalists resisted to senator who accused them of sympathies for communism.]