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Whether there was a matriarchy?

Are figurative development of the state or society it is possible to present in the form the person going on two legs, a name, which patriarchy and matriarchy.

If one leg takes more widely steps, than another, will take away the person from a direct way aside. And if at the same time one leg stands in general, then it will turn on one place.

And society will or leave from the main way of development of humanity aside, or in general to be trampled down on one place if matriarchy or patriarchy completely triumphs. The idea of domination female or male invisible threads is connected with matriarchy and patriarchy too.

Often matriarchy is understood as the power of women over men. Actually women at matriarchy did not carry out man`s functions, and men were not engaged instead of them in homework. In matriarchy distinction not on fatherly, and on the maternal line was fundamental, and also the fact that the man had to live with the wife in the territory of her sort or the tribe. All this at the time of free sexual communications provided to children normal related communication, as a result, protection and the help and that is important, rescued girls from killing during the periods of need and hunger for the reason that they soon had to bring on the territory of a sort or the tribe of new young people and strong soldiers.

The love of mother to children which is peculiar to all animals, and not just people is the cornerstone of matriarchy. One naturalist described a case when the tiger attacked a calf on whose protection his mother rushed. In usual conditions the cow will never venture to attack the deadly enemy, but here she forgot about danger and after long and bloody fight bungled a tiger horns. Without paying attention to the bleeding wounds, she approached a calf and began to lick his wounds. In the years of war mothers who were distraught with grief pulled out the children from hands of fascists, but any case that it was made by judicious fathers is unknown.

The part of historians speaks even more categorically: matriarchy at all never was and it is thought up in calm of offices by historians. Explain lack of matriarchy with the fact that the woman in the ancient time could survive, relying only on the brute man`s force when the nature presented people with a fait accompli of a survival in dangerous world around. In the ancient time influence of traditions and instincts was so big that the patriarchal family was perceived as by the itself existing phenomenon. Some consider that the idea of matriarchy appeared from the following fact - in the ancient time sometimes called children not on the father, and on mother.

Also great popularity to matriarchy was brought by amazons whose historicity of existence is challenged and it is improbable that can be ever absolutely proved. But the Greek mythology is very popular and therefore amazons removed both to literature, and to cinema. Now, when the lesbian movement gains the steam, the idea of matriarchy becomes actual again.

Presently it is not possible to draw a conclusion on historicity of matriarchy. Yes, it is possible, it was. But it was the phenomenon of very limited scale.]