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What was in life the author Explanatory dictionary of Russian D. N. Ushakov?

on January 24, 1873, 135 years ago, in Moscow, in Nikolay Ushakov`s family the son who was named Dmitry was born. And let now someone without special respect treats the word intellectual but in such, intelligent cell of society future philologist was also trained. His grandfather on mother - Dmitry Petrovich Novsky in honor of whom the kid was called was the most famous person of the time - the protopresbyter of Big Assumption Cathedral of the Kremlin, the member of the Moscow office of the Holy Synod. Exactly in 40 years prior to the birth of the grandson he was hailed the archpriest by the Metropolitan of Moscow Filaret.

Dmitry - younger was brought up in severity, especially not indulged, not birches and not a fatherly belt, but a personal example of parents who never deceived the child even in the smallest were the main method of belief and from the early childhood learned to be responsible for the acts.

And what correct speech sounded in the house! And mother tried that the same words during the day repeated as seldom as possible, she was engaged in training of the son for school, and then and to receipt in the Moscow university. But besides Russian Dmitry very much liked to draw. By then, when he graduated from school, he saved up not one album with sketches, sketches and portraits of the family. Looking at this creativity, the majority of guests did not doubt - the great artist will grow up from the guy.

But he made the choice even during training at university. And not the last role in it was played by the famous Russian philologist Philip Fedorovich Fortunatov who made out the inquisitive researcher in the pupil. Besides he always taught Ushakov to be engaged not only the fact that he most of all is pleasant to it, and things which, it seems, have no relation to interests of today, but without them not to build the base of the future.

Philip Fedorovich offered Ushakov a subject of the master`s thesis Inducement at Homer . To whom were they necessary, at first sight? But Fortunatov knew that if future candidate of science manages to understand artful designs of language of the great Greek - it will become a peculiar thread of Ariadna which will bring Dmitry out of any labyrinths of the Russian syntax and spelling.

The second person who exerted huge impact on young Ushakov - the grandfather of his spouse, the most famous publicist, the editor of the " newspaper; Moscow sheets Valentin Fedorovich Korsh. Dmitry with the wife Aleksandra liked to be on a visit at the famous grandfather, and he, having felt sincere interest of young people, tried to share everything, than knew

By the way, with blessed Dmitry Nikolaevich was very lucky. It was the real soulmate which is not feeling sorry for anything for the sake of creativity of the husband. Said that Aleksandra Nikolaevna`s merits in the first very considerable work of Ushakov which was called Russian spelling also it was published in 1911, it is difficult to overestimate. It was younger than the husband for seven years It and really it was necessary to

hardly. In a family was four children (three daughters and the son), and each child required to himself not only attention, but also understanding. And, above all, it was necessary to protect Dmitry Nikolaevich from noise and hubbub of children, especially those minutes when it worked.

It is necessary to tell that Ushakov was not only the outstanding philologist and the linguist. It had, first of all, a staunch spirit, and once having made the decision, Dmitry Nikolaevich seldom receded from it. It was shown at university. It would seem, Philip Fortunatov will provide the brilliant future to the pupil at any deal, having left at department. But not here - that was - Ushakov makes the decision prepodavatv to school. And not in some prestigious where it is very easy to be lit before the powers that be. He got a job the teacher in school of the Aleksandrovsky shelter and Nikolaevsk an orphanage. Agree, it is an act of the real man.

Dmitry Nikolaevich was not a scientific cracker. He was able to do a lot of things by own hands, for example, once he independently put the furnace, than strongly surprised friends. This, by the way, big art, and not each furnace functions normally. And in addition he quite knew metalwork and joiner`s business, never invited the electrician even if it was necessary to repair the difficult device.

And still, already in Soviet period, he was not afraid to write the letter to Stalin in whom he protected the pupils and other outstanding scientists accused of cosmopolitism and condemned only for the fact that were born Jews by

Over the most important work - Explanatory dictionary of Russian - Dmitry Nikolaevich worked within five years - from 1935 to 1940. Perhaps, someone would work at its place quicker, but Ushakov was scrupulous, he considered that to pass at least one word - a great sin before future generations When the Great Patriotic War began

, the philologist was at respectable age, he was 68 years old. He wanted to remain in Moscow, but him persuaded to go to evacuation to Tashkent. Moving was heavy, the melancholy for the native capital which it left seldom is intolerable. Diseases became aggravated, and on April 17, 1942 D. N. Ushakov did not become. His spouse, Aleksandra Nikolaevna, endured the husband for 12 years and died in 1954. They were together almost 40 years ]