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What women should know about their faithful companions - handbags?

If to consider history of emergence of such considerable accessory as a female handbag, then a prototype of all women bags and handbags are a sack which was attached to a belt (man), and women carried on laces. These sacks intended for carrying money and, having made purchase, the owner just threw out a sack or gave it together with money.

With development of a social life began to pay to sacks more attention, began to place in them, except money, a pocket mirror, a snuffbox, but all of them still hid in magnificent skirts of dresses of that time. These sacks kept during the Renaissance era, carried them on a lace at a belt, and at each step they melodiously ringed.

In the next century of the man release hands and pass to pockets. Louis XIV in the camisole does pockets, thereby becoming the legislator of fashion of that time. Later pockets began to sew to vests, still later they appeared in trousers.

And women remained are faithful to sacks - to handbags, however, changing their form, jewelry. The small manual bag in the form of a sack for small objects, as opposed to a pocket, became the integral element of female clothes.

Depending on fashion, they are made of various materials and jewelry. Since 17th century they were decorated with an embroidery, beads, bugles, them knitted, spun and called handbags.

In the 18th century there are ladies` handbags from a velvet and lace in which stored kerchiefs, cosmetics and other trifles. These handbags were called pompadour in memory of a favourite of the French king Louis XV.

Female leather handbags appeared relatively recently. At the beginning of the XX century the female handbag was finally legalized along with the trousers shortened by skirts and short hairstyles. The second page of history of a bag - history of great bags began. Classical bags of a strict geometrical form are considered as universal.

The bag always is facade female clothes. On a bag there is an impression about an image of the person. A bag for the woman - approximately the same that make of the car for the man. The bag surely has to have the person the style, worthy look. The ladies` handbag is the accessory doing the woman by the woman.

Beauty and originality in an ideal handbag has to be combined with a practicality. The bag is very important for the woman therefore in Great Britain National day of bags is entered on October 4. This day organize display of collections of these accessories.

The fashion on bags changes now very promptly, also as well as on other elements of clothes. Scientists warn: if the ladies` bag weighs more than 2 kg, then it conducts to a serious illness of a backbone. During researches it became clear that back, neck pains are caused by a systematic curvature of a female figure under weight of a bag. Leads presence at a heavy bag of a long thong to deplorable consequences.

Scientists make the following recommendations: handbags should not be filled to the full - to take only the most necessary, the optimum choice is small or the average sizes a bag weighing no more than 2 kg.

It is known that on a ladies` bag, more precisely on its appearance, it is possible to learn much about her owner. Character of the woman can even be determined by how she carries her. Women during the different periods of the life choose very different bags and carry them differently. The type of a bag and how it carries it, can help the woman to understand itself.

If the woman loves a big bag into which everything that can be necessary during the day will get - that is nature active, with a broad outlook and the increased working capacity. Such women usually achieve success in any business.

The owner of a graceful handbag in which there is a place only for a powder box and the mobile phone cares especially with great pleasure for the appearance. It without make-up cannot leave even in shop. Usually these women successfully marry and are engaged generally in the house and the clothes.

The owner of an accurate handbag without special claims - the woman reserved and organized, is able to allocate the main thing, accurately knows what she wants.

If at the woman independently made and decorated handbag - that is creative nature which loves all unusual, beautiful, such women, as a rule, good hostesses.

The bag of the woman is carried for the handle, through a shoulder, for a corner and an armpit - too it is possible to determine character of the hostess by these signs.

In recent years modern girls even more often buy to themselves laptops therefore collections of handbags for laptops were born.

At the same time at the height of fashion there are classical bags which equally are suitable both for work, and for a secular party.

Successfully picked up bags emphasize elegance and extravagance of the woman, they create convenience, and the most important - it is impossible to do without bag.]