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How the artist is born? A. I. Ovchinnikov.

Alexander Ivanovich Ovchinnikov was born in 1928 in the village of Baleyka of Novosergiyevsky district of the Orenburg region. The family in which the talented child appeared was hard-working country having many children (eleven children!) was famous for thriftiness, family friendship and diligence.

Future artist was trained by infinite open spaces of the native steppe, many-sided images of the mother - the nature, the gifted people of the village respecting the earth and work on it all night long. Ovchinnikova always worked with all the heart, it is strong and by miracle escaped during dispossession of kulaks. It was necessary to endure also hunger of the thirtieth years when instead of bread ate everything that can be chewed, - a nettle, an orach, chaff. But these people did not lose belief in justice, always appreciated vital beauty and created beautiful - wooden to an uzorochya when finishing own house, the embroidered towels, homespun rugs, lacy curtains, cloths, cornices.

When paints for the first time fell of it into hands, Alexander did not know even about that as well as what to part them with how to use. Reached many secrets own mind and by practical consideration. The elder brother Panteley too well drew, but died at the front - in this world became then one more fighter and the artist less

After the fifth class of school of Alexander was sent to study as courses of tractor operators. It was learned and in days of the Great Patriotic War days and nights worked in the field on a tractor in the collective-farm back where there were sharply not enough male strong hands. Work of the teenager in the field was truly heroic, there were moments when he could die easily, but the destiny preserved the talented fellow.

After war, in 1946, in Nesterovka where Alexander worked for MTS, there arrived the artist Kudashev. He saw talented works of Ovchinnikov and invited him to study to Orenburg.

The capital of Orenburg Oblast met the young man on - kind. At first he lived in Kudashov`s workshop, studied at it. Then - in Stepanov`s studio. Often happened in a workshop of the sculptor Petin, posed for him. At the same time Alexander`s skill grew, he continued also general education study at evening school, began to work as the set dresser in theater. On life as he considers, to him only kind, sympathetic, interesting people who significantly helped formation of the young artist met.

In 1947 it exposed the first seven works in regional Museum of Fine Arts. The audience gave his creativity a cordial welcome, two works were bought. Pictures showed to fans of painting sure, exact dab and unusual coloring of the young artist. It was the real success! And it was followed by laborious and thoughtful work on improvement of skill and the difficult road of comprehension of secrets of art.

Now Alexander Ivanovich Ovchinnikov has more than one thousand pictures, the part of which is in collections of friends and in the museums of Russia, part - in the museums of Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, Canada. About thirty of its works are presented in the Orenburg art museum of Fine Arts. In an art studio there is no empty seat from hundreds of sketches, sketches, sketches, etudes begun and the finished pictures, their options - creative search continues.

Alexander Ivanovich has broad, open soul, an optimistic view on life, a good health and always looks young though in the come year will meet the 80 - the anniversary. It is possible to envy both its energy, and creative longevity. He participated more than in thirty large exhibitions, from them over twenty - personal.

Now Alexander Ivanovich Ovchinnikov is known not only in the area, but also in the country, and abroad. He is an honored artist of Russia. Ovchinnikov has tens of pupils and followers, is familiar and is on friendly terms with writers of Orenburg Oblast, created portrait gallery of the famous people of the native land: writer Mr. Konovalov, poet B. Primerov, writers B. Burlak and And. Gorbachev, poet A. Wozniak, writer and publicist I. Ukhanov, writer P. Krasnov, statesman V. Polyanichko All this relatives to it on spirit people.]