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Whether it will be possible to be protected from nanoswindlers?

" Prefix; nano - at us it becomes prompt fashionable. And many producers of goods use it. The set of the goods with such name but which do not have any relation to real nanotechnologies is advertized.

Attempts of experts to illuminate the people and to save from unnecessary expenditure of money are lost in abundance around us aggressive advertizing. And even performance vice-a premiere of the Russian government on this subject is insufficient.

It is pleasant to see logical sequence of actions of the leadership of Russia in the field of nanotechnologies. The program of development based on real opportunities of our science is adopted. Big money is allocated. Appointments of heads of the scientific directions - not officials, but the outstanding scientists who already achieved achievements in this area are carried out.

And we, experts in this area, already really feel all this. Salary, scientific devices. And, above all - the received new results. Is more a pity for those that they are lost in an avalanche of fakes. Even not fakes, it still needs to manage to be made, and just false goods. And so - the government takes the next clever step.

On January 17, 2008 the scheduled meeting of the government of Russia took place. On it the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Andrey Fursenko acted. Told about today`s level of development of nanotech industry in Russia. Told that the new type of steel on the basis of nanotechnologies is already developed. This steel is used during the laying of pipelines and creation of special platforms for production of energy carriers.

Besides, marked out Fursenko, in Russia catalysts for processing of oil products and purification of associated gases are created. One of the installations created on the basis of nanotechnologies will earn by the end of it for about one years from the domestic enterprises.

Besides, on the basis of nanotechnologies are developed new approaches in diagnostics socially - dangerous diseases. The biochip created by the Russian scientists allows to lower diagnostics time from several weeks to one day. According to the minister, such approach gives huge economic effect.

And, above all, Fursenko recognized that there are obstacles disturbing nanoproduction exit to mass production. The minister considers that the state has to pay attention to the questions connected with commercialization of branch. According to him, further development of nanotechnologies is achievable not only at continuation of that financial support which is given by the state at the level of researches and is skilled - design works, but also at acceptance of a number of standard decisions.

To the tasks requiring the prime solution, the minister referred creation of the qualifier of nanotechnological production. According to Fursenko, it will be able to prevent unfair businessmen to use the words nano in advertizing of own production. He recognized obvious - that now some speculate on this fashionable word. At the same time their production has no relation to real nanotechnologies, Fursenko declared.

That - we will wait for acceptance of new measures. For now - we do not look blank.]