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Whether newborns can play sports? Dynamic gymnastics.

A few years ago I saw transfer about gymnastics for newborns. There vigorous mummy twisted the child by hands and for legs, and he cheerfully smiled. I then had a thought that at mother barmy . And the children`s doctor commented on all this action as necessary loading for normal development of the child which should be combined with a hardening . To my indignation of a limit was not: to the fragile small child at first hands unscrew, and then also dip into cold water. It Povozmushchatsya and forgot.

Quite recently the friend invited me on a visit. To his child then half a year was executed. He took the child on hands and speaks: Let`s the uncle show how we ride a roundabout! Took the daughter for legs and let`s twist. I, frankly speaking, became stupid. His wife told that she heard about dynamic gymnastics long ago, but did not decide to try in any way. Incidentally saw how the girlfriend does gymnastics with the child, and began at them the house roundabout . The gymnastics is pleasant to the daughter and the child receives necessary warm-up.

I consulted to the wife of house, clever read books and since two months we do dynamic gymnastics with the child. As it appeared, it is not so difficult. The main thing - is sure to hold the kid and not to be afraid to drop it.

The active movements of dynamic gymnastics remove stress and normalize physical development, regulate work of intestines, help at gripes and strengthen warmly - vascular system. It is desirable to do gymnastics when the kid in good mood. Exercises right after feeding are absolutely contraindicated, it will lead to vomiting of food. We usually are engaged in 10 - 15 minutes before feeding if the daughter did not manage to get hungry absolutely yet and is not capricious. Exercises can be done by the naked child or in a diaper. Temperature in the room has to be not lower than 21 - 22 degrees, otherwise the child can quickly cool down. At first the kid needs to be warmed. We mass to it handles and legs, we part them in the parties and we straighten.

We begin with raskachivaniye headfirst, holding by both legs. At first to the left - to the right, then forward - back. Then we do rotary motions around a vertical axis clockwise and against. The child at the same time reflex showers the head, it turns out that he as though lies on a stomach and holds the head.

We repeat the same, holding the child by one leg - it turns out heron head over heels . It is possible to pass to this exercise, having only well mastered the first. We do similar exercises, holding the child by hands. It is possible to add to this complex monkey . In this case we hold the kid by the right hand and the left leg, and then on the contrary. Other " option; monkeys serves hung by the right hand and a leg (the left hand and a leg).

There is one more stomach exercise which needs to be done very accurately. We press the child a back to the stomach. We hold one hand it by direct knees, and another is supported in a breast. The kid strains muscles of a stomach and a back, trying to keep in vertical position.

To a basic set of exercises, recommended by pediatricians, we added still circulation on legs and crawling . As it appeared, both exercises are applied by neuropathologists to definition of reflexes.

In the first case we take the kid under mice and slightly we incline forward, and legs at the same time slightly touch a surface. At the same time the child takes several steps forward. Only I want to give very personal advice. If the child does not want to go, it does not mean that he at you underdeveloped! My mother-in-law told that at survey at the neuropathologist the child (my future wife) did not want to go, just drew in one leg as a heron, and sideways lowered the head. Kind doctor at once made the diagnosis moron and at mother from frustration milk was gone. By the way, my wife also plays sports, and a gold medal at school, and the diploma with honors at university. Well, the diagnosis was not confirmed.

We do the second exercise when the child lies on a stomach. We hold up a palm to it under feet, the kid makes a start legs and moves ahead. In official medicine this reflex is called Bauer`s automatism and is active till fourth month of life.

Unfortunately, the dynamic gymnastics has contraindications: diseases of heart or joints, the increased intra cranial pressure. Therefore before occupations surely consult to the doctor.]