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What is Guangdong kitchen?

Before approach of New year according to the Chinese calendar are a high time to talk also about kitchen of this ancient country.

Presently to try the known Chinese dishes, it is optional to fly for thousands of kilometers to Celestial Empire - to go to one of the nearest Chinese restaurants which are available almost in any city enough.

To pick up a fork, to take a spoon, to knife what you see on a dish you decide far not at once. Well unless it is possible so just to take and eat the graphic cloths executed from vegetables, fruit, greens: the flitting butterfly, a peacock, chrysanthemums? To look and only! You rejoice and admire skill of confectioners and culinary specialists from China.

What the Chinese cookery - the recognized leader of world kitchen, does not challenge nobody, but in it is the favourite - Guangdong kitchen. This recognition - not a whim of gourmets or researchers, but a consequence of introduction to the menu of a wide specific variety of marine animals, and also fruit, vegetables, a large amount of ingredients, almost scientific pedantry of observance of a compounding and fast heat treatment. And what high level of knowledge of the nature of taste! And what is known in the West and at us as Chinese cuisine, inherently, is culinary heritage of Guangdong.

Guandu ́ N - the province in the south of People`s Republic of China. Is to the South from Mountains Nan Ling on the coast It is southern - the Chinese sea. Hieroglyph Guang means spacious extensive it was used for designation of this region, since dynasty times the Western Jin.

In due time the best cooks of Guangzhou (an administrative center of the Province of Guangdong) were called on service to the capital, to the imperial yard. Within six centuries culinary technologies of this province made a basis of imperial cuisine of old Beijing. It is one of sources of formation of the southern culinary school.

Rather interestingly to learn that in all China apply fast frying and often steam. And still the most important and shocking feature is a pantophagy. There eat everything that creeps, flies, floats, goes. Many, having visited this country, are surprised that a refined dish swallow`s nest - there is the real swallow`s nest.

Inaccessibility of these raw materials determines also the high cost of similar culinary masterpieces. Very expensive and well-known dish in the world Fight of a dragon with a tiger prepares from meat of a snake and cats.

But for quite some time now under pressure of animal activists and the outbreaks of various diseases the ban on use in the culinary purposes of some breeds of animal and rare reptiles is imposed.

A specific place in Chinese cuisine is held by desserts, here glory again - behind Guangdong kitchen. It is possible to try, for example, unusual pies in the form of carrots with a tail from cilantro. A stuffing - the boiled carrots wiped with sugar and milk. It is possible to try also fried milk. The boiled-down milk is cooled to a condition of hard jelly, cut on pieces, dipped in batter and fry in hot fan plus slices of chicken in lemon sauce, cilantro, green onions and other greens for every taste. the Chinese people Have

a saying: It is necessary to live In Huangzhou, in Suzhou to marry, and in Guangzhou is!

Perhaps and you will hold a meeting of New year at one of the Chinese small restaurants? Appetite pleasant to you!]