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Laptop: to switch-off the accumulator or not?

Bad advice from skilled?

it is Quite frequent skilled noutbuchnik advise to remove the accumulator during the long operation of the laptop from the reliable power supply network: allegedly during the operation of the laptop from the power supply network the accumulator is constantly recharged what causes essential reduction of term of its service

What can be told concerning such council?

In - the first, the accumulator of the laptop begins to be recharged, as a rule, when its capacity falls lower than 95% (concrete level of the admissible category depends on laptop model).

In - the second, the accumulator is calculated on work with alternation of the numerous cycles a charge - the category .

B - the third, the accumulator of the laptop carries out a role of the uninterruptible power supply unit (see. How to pick up UPS and whether it is possible to do without it?) : at disappearance of tension in the feeding power supply network the laptop switches to power supply from the accumulator that prevents loss of your data and nervous cages!

B - the fourth when the accumulator is constantly connected to the laptop, it is in constant combat readiness i.e. it is constantly loaded that provides mobility of work without excess gestures. If the accumulator is switched-off from the laptop, then before autonomous work (for example, before business trip) you should connect it to the laptop and to spend some time (which is always not enough!) on charging since any accumulator is to some extent subject to such phenomenon as a self-discharge.

B - the fifth if you often work at the laptop independently, - that such council looks, at least, silly.

All aforesaid is fair for litiyevo - ionic (Li - ion) accumulators which equipped practically all modern models of laptops. In Li - ion - accumulators is absent effect of memory therefore them it is possible to complete charging i.e. to load, without subjecting to a full discharge.

What is effect of memory

Effect of memory is that the " accumulator; remembers how many energy it gave for a cycle of the category and considers that its full capacity is equal to amount of the given energy. Therefore at charging of not completely discharged accumulator it will accumulate less energy, than it is necessary.

To Effect of memory are more subject nikelevo - cadmic (Ni - Cd), in smaller - nikelevo - metallogidridny (Ni - MH) accumulators.

The laptop without accumulator is not the laptop, or still the laptop any more? Of course, statistically, laptops to 95% of time work with

from the power supply network. And, if you use the laptop as the desktop personal computer, and the power supply network works smoothly, you can remove without serious consequences the accumulator and work without it.

By the way, many companies release for a long time bezakkumulyatorny laptops which are in stable demand for buyers (the price of these laptops, naturally, lower, than on classical battery rooms): for example, PCG - F610 from Sony, DeskNote (i - Buddie) from Elitegroup. The Taiwan company ASUSTeK, having convinced of undoubted success of bezakkumulyatorny laptops, she also intends to enter this market.

What service life of the accumulator of the laptop?

statistically, average service life of the accumulator of the laptop makes 2-3 years (at the same time average service life of the laptop - 6-7 years).

Service life of the accumulator of the laptop depends on many conditions: like the accumulator, capacity, service conditions etc.

of the Note

1. 3-5 times are desirable to subject the new accumulator of the laptop to so-called training (a total charge - the full category - a total charge).

2. Buying the laptop (especially, on the Internet - shops), - if you need the classical laptop (with the accumulator), - pay attention to its technical characteristics - constructive lack of the accumulator is always emphasized.

3. If calibration of the rechargeable battery by means of the utility of BIOS Setup is provided in your laptop, surely use it.

4. If in your laptop it is installed nikelevo - cadmic (Ni - Cd) or nikelevo - metallogidridny (Ni - MH) the accumulator, for elimination / prevention effect of memory once a month you carry out the training cycle the full category - a total charge .

5. Accumulators of the laptop are intended for work at the room temperature, admissible range - from +10 C to +35 C.

6. You do not store Li - ion - accumulators completely discharged.

7. Do not buy Li - ion - accumulators for emergency.

8. Period of operation of the laptop from the accumulator - about 3 hours (see. How to force the laptop to work longer without recharge?).]