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What it is necessary to know about nezamerzayka?

the Winter introduces the amendments in our life including automobile. Motorists know that at this time when on roads snow, dirt, windshields it is necessary to wash practically each 5 minutes. And if stems of thermometer behind a window fall lower than ten, and even twenty five degrees, here it is simple not to do without tank of good nonfreezing liquid, purity of glasses and the good review - a guarantee of our safety.

At the moment autoshops and gas stations offer the wide range various nezamerzayek. Often we are enough first and we do not think of what to give the preference to, and in vain we Will begin

one after another:

Nezamerzaykami nonfreezing liquids which are intended for a sink of windshields of cars at low air temperatures are called. Here it is necessary to pay attention to what possible limits are specified by the manufacturer. All nezamerzayka different: on one label there can be a mark to minus 15 degrees, on another - to 25 lower than zero, and the third guarantees pure glasses and in 40 degrees of a frost. Though completely you should not trust the specified figures, make secure better. I, for example, had also it that the nezamerzayka who promised to sustain 25 degrees of a frost pumped up already in 16 - 18.

nezamerzayek are alcohol solution with the washing additives a part, fragrances and dyes are at best. In the worst - it is possible to run into methanol, couples of which are very harmful. The ban on production, sale and use nezamerzayek, containing methanol, was accepted in Russia already more than 7 years ago. But it is not a hindrance for unfair producers. By the way, even in an automobile supermarket it is possible to meet fakes which stand on one shelf with qualitative production. And all the matter is that methanol is cheaper than isopropyl alcohol of which usual nezamerzayka therefore production and sale of those that contain methyl alcohol though are dangerous are made, but are extremely favorable.

For us, consumers, about benefit of the speech cannot be, and more than it is enough reasons for concern for the health. Methanol is a poison which, getting in an organism, strikes nervous and vascular system of the person. Several grams of methanol can lead to full loss of sight, and three tens will be enough to say goodbye to life forever. Certainly, also methanol vapors which get into inside of the car through air inlets of system of ventilation and heating are dangerous. It constitutes serious danger to lungs of the driver and passengers of the car. So if after several hours driving when you actively use a washer, there is a lachrymation of eyes, a headache or weakness, then it is better to replace a nezamerzayka.

Also qualitative nezamerzayka whose part isopropyl alcohol is can have a pungent smell. It is not so dangerous as methanol, but too can exert negative impact on a human body. In order that though to soften a little a pungent smell, producers use fragrances and various fragrances. Respectively also such nezamerzayka are more expensive.

The 5 liter canister even of the cheapest domestic producer cannot cost less than 150 rubles. Also be attentive upon purchase of a nezamerzayka of foreign producers as they, as a rule, demand exact observance of technology of dilution. If to be mistaken with a dose, then liquid should be warmed in a tank. Besides, never dilute nezamerzayka water if you very grudge money. Even if on a label it is written - 30 degrees, and on the street of they are 5, in a pursuit of economy you risk to freeze liquid in a tank, and to warm it will be very difficult and troublesome.

Be vigilant! Take care also the cars! Successful to you winter routes and pleasant impressions!]