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How to prepare correct pilaf?

we Will talk about pilaf?

Say when Alex Macedon won the world, he was tormented by frequent stops of army in a campaign for breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. Only dispersed - eps! (in sense oops!, of course) - to guzzle! And after a nourishing lunch already quickly you will not jump then it declared

I tender . Who, - says, - will cook to me such food that once ate - and walk all day?

So turned out pilaf.

At present general obesity, such food is just necessary to those who took out and carried by feeling of continuous hunger since the time of Gorbachev and Yeltsin - up to now.

generally, pilaf - the most ideal food for those who eat often and many.

In - the first, it sates (unlike any diets - salatik, squashes - malashka, ponosny cocktails and other dietary features - dryuchek from which in fifteen minutes getting again hungry).

In - the second, from the correct pilaf do not get fat, do not grow fat and do not grow stout (if not to rubat it with bread).

B - the third, boiled rice and carrots with oil - the most healthy food for those at whom the stomach is already spoiled by everyones medical starvations and other inventions of enemies of the people. Boiled, but not fried - it to you will be confirmed by any nutritionist. And if Paul Bragg knew that there is a pilaf, he likely would never write the book, having considered that the diet issue was resolved once and for all by this surprising food of our clever ancestors.

So what mistakes are made by those who prepare this dietary product independently?

The first mistake - to cook pilaf on the rice which is not intended for pilaf. I will not stuff you the head with grades, the prices and names. Just you descend on the market, not in shop - in shop sell rice for porridge which at five-minute cooking in any water on any fire turns into a gruel. You do not want to eat pilaf - a gruel? Therefore you descend on the market, find the seller of rice (it is desirable the Asian, or the Korean, as a last resort) and ask what rice is necessary for pilaf? You are surprised how many you did not know about rice grades

the Second mistake earlier. Oil. You will be told, of course, that real floors it is necessary to prepare or on mutton fat, or on cotton oil. Do not listen to them - at the time of Macedon of course, it was actual - mutton fat, tea with salt and fat, the dirty turned black copper instead of tefalya and so on

But science proved long ago (starting with Da Vinci) - animal fats contain excess of cholesterol. If you want to live years up to hundred with pure vessels and, without being afraid of a stroke, arthritis, thrombophlebitis and other obstruction of veins - capillaries, to drink, smoke and seksitsya normally - do not eat animal fats! Do not eat some margarine! Replace the synthesized butter with natural sour cream or cream! And cook pilaf on sunflower oil.

The third mistake - refusal of meat. What you were told about proportions, learned by the experience: you want to bungle tasty pilaf - meat on pilaf on weight it is necessary to put not less than rice, i.e. on a rice kilogram - a meat kilogram.

One to one - and that to you did not go on on a compounding there - it is the checked fact! Only then in pilaf will smell of meat, but not rice with boiled carrot... and only then you will not want to throw out all pan in a toilet bowl.

The fourth mistake - pilaf without spices. You can cook pilaf without salt, without fried onions and even without rice, but spices should be put. At least for this purpose, that it was possible to distinguish it on color and a smell from simple porridge with meat which is cooked by the neigbour Maryivanna. Be not afraid, spices only two are small kernels which in Asia are called zyra with an accent on and and in India and at us - kumin, and the second spice is a natural food yellow paint a saffron. Not to get confused when to put these spices - before subfrying or after carrot cooks begins to boil, I advise simply to mix them with the washed-out rice - then they will precisely get to pilaf in time! Generally, washed out rice - mix with spices. Do not put other spices, like bay leaf, or a coriander with a celery at all By the way, spices - and it scientific people proved too - put not in order that pilaf well smelled, and for this purpose that it did not stink subsequently. Subsequently is when it stood days at a temperature of +40 without refrigerator (Macedon had no refrigerator). Spices in pilaf carry out generally a role of natural preservatives - do not allow boiled meat to deteriorate quickly. Including in a stomach which, by the way, in Asia is called Osh Kazan - The Copper for Kashi . I.e. having put in pilaf a saffron and to zyr you will quite avoid any meteorizm and other otryzhechny effects - not to food will be told.

The fifth mistake - water. No, I do not urge you to use special soft water from the thawing glaciers or to filter it by means of the special silver filter. I just want to ask - do not pour it very much! Better do not pour at all - just add. After subfrying from meat, onions and carrot will cook - just fill up rice with spices, do not mix - let meat with carrot pine under a rice layer till the end! Will be so more tasty, so you will avoid unpleasant process of an otskablivaniye of the rice kernels which burned to a bottom of a pan - let all blow will assume meat - oil gravy. Also add water from a teapot slowly that water impregnated a rice layer - but did not climb from it outside! By experience I can tell - on a rice kilogram with kilogram of meat it is necessary 5 - a liter pan and liter of water. If waters left more - means, you razvarit pilaf, turned it into porridge which will be difficult to be eaten with open eyes. Therefore I ask you - do not pour a lot of water! If you do not cook longer rice - it is not terrible, it is possible to add a little water and to cook longer on slow fire. But if rice razvaren - any force in the world does not force it to become pilaf where each risinka separates from another, and especially it that will not be long-awaited dietary super - a useful product - such razvarenny pilaf it is possible to spoil a stomach only. Why so, I do not know, but an essence and truth of the real pilaf in a rice nerazvarennost. If all of you - doubt - boil rice better separately and when it is almost ready - fall asleep in subfrying and on fire, slowest in the world, you bring to readiness (speak, quite so cook pilaf in Bukhara - in three coppers. In one copper prepare subfrying, in another boil rice, and in the third all this mix and there pilaf and doprevat to readiness. I do not know, in Bukhara was not, but it seems that in Russia quite so and cook " pilaf; in Russian most often).

In conclusion I want to tell, you will buy meat - take either mutton, or beef. Pork suits for pilaf too, but it not dietary food - pork. Take meat low-fat, young, it is not necessary to fry strongly - it already together with carrot will take a steam bath forty minutes and still then half an hour - under a rice cap.

That pilaf did not turn out " sweet; - take carrots not red, but yellow (it call fodder). Or mix in half - a half yellow, a half red.

About rice - special chic will be if you cook pilaf on the crude rice, fashionable among nutritionists! It is also possible to cook buckwheat pilaf (cooked somehow time, original taste turned out), from pearl barley and even - say - from vermicelli.

But all - will be in the best and checked way that which is known by all and about which I just told.

Do not eat pilaf with bread! Neither with bread, nor with croutons, nor rolls or long loafs This food - in pilaf does not need seasonings or desserts.

Perhaps salatik from fresh vegetables and a tea teapot - here and all laying.

Pleasant to you!]