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Why the blog is necessary?

wanted to call the article " In the beginning; What is the blog? but then thought that about that, what is? almost all know today already. Popularity of network diaries constantly grows. And grows, nearly in geometrical progressions. In nine last months popularity of network diaries in a RuNet grew almost twice. The ROMIR Monitoring holding, for example, provides data that with the term blogs 61% of Internet users are familiar today. Whereas in September of last year only 38% of users could decipher an abbreviation of LJ.

For form`s sake and for the remained 39% nevertheless I will explain that the term blog there is from the English word blog, a reduction from web log - the network magazine. In a different way can be called: online - the diary, the network diary, the Internet - the diary.

It is considered to be that the idea of public author`s diaries belongs to Englishman Tim Berners - Li (Tim Berners - Lee) which invented a world wide web. In 1993 he posted on the first website info. cern. ch list of the new websites and references to updates of browsers. In 1998 the first list of blogs was made, and in a year the first portal portal opened. eatonweb. com which united authors of network diaries (bloggers). Same year developers from Pitas firm (www. pitas. com) free of charge offered everyone own service of maintaining blogs . Then appeared the blog - service whose Russian analog became the most popular among the network graphomaniacs and experimenters inhabiting a RuNet - LiveJournal, in a free translation into Russian - the LiveJournal (L).

At last, one of active network characters Peter Mercholz changed the term web log in we blog therefore the modern concept " was born; blog which in 2003 was included in the Oxford dictionary to this day is defined as the network diary of one or several authors consisting of records in the return chronological order.

With the question what is? understood. We start the question for what it is necessary? . It would seem, the answer is obvious. For the same for what also the usual paper diary is necessary. In fact the blog is an electronic analog of the ordinary paper diary. So - that it, of course, so, but is a number of features and differences. The electronic network diary not only that this also so broad concept in many respects differs from the paper fellow, so what to answer this question (for what it is necessary?) it is unlikely it will turn out also unambiguously as on the first (what is it?) .

Certainly, as well as any diary, in the network diary his owner can write down history of the life, events interesting him, the thoughts, both other information, interesting and useful to the owner of the diary. The main difference of the network diary from paper - availability of the diary to other users of a network. It does not make to keep the network diary closed for all special sense since such diary can be kept in any text editor and in offline. And in that case it is not necessary to occupy phone line, at modem connection, to pay for a traffic at connection on the Internet - the line.

At the same time people to whom never and came to mind have blogs today to keep the diary on paper. The matter is that the network diary is not so much means of fixing on a data carrier, how many a means of communication, an exchange of this information between users of a network. The aspiration of people to communication also made network diaries such popular phenomenon.

As a rule, the author of the network diary has an opportunity to comment on someone else`s diaries and to receive comments to the records, to be a reader or the active participant of any communities (the community is a form of joint maintaining diaries). It is fashionable to be the blogger today not only, but it is frequent and favorable (there are ways by means of which on the diary it is possible to earn considerable money, but it is a subject of other article). Important not only to have the personal author`s network diary which is open for a public inspection or for friends, but also to be an active visitor of other magazines.

In addition developers the Internet - diaries add to the services more and more new and useful functions: photo albums, storages of references, storages of files; rather recently on the liveinternet service. ru was built in the diary the questionnaire and the summary which the user can fill or not fill in at discretion; and already quite recently the service of search of schoolmates / classmates and service of searches of colleagues and experts is added. Besides, if to make the homepage, basic knowledge of HTML was necessary at least, then blogging does not demand any special knowledge. All this will stimulate growth of popularity of network diaries and further.

The most popular in a RuNet so far still remain the well-known Livejournal. com (so-called LJ), on heels to which there comes liveinternet. ru (so-called lira). And, in some technical aspects lira, in my opinion, already overtook the main rival. Even from the popular services providing service of blogging, I would allocate: dirty. ru (exactly from there began the triumphal procession along a RuNet well-known Medical Veda with the Prevedstvy ) and blog. com. In general, the Internet - diaries is a lot of services today and everyone can choose to himself to liking.

Slightly more than a year ago I made in the first network diary on the liveinternet service. ru the first record which came to an end with words: to leave the comment, it appeared, it is necessary to be registered.... So I had the diary. I did not understand yet what the crap is and what all this is necessary for, but I will look...

Today if to consider my new diary on Shkolazhizni`s website. ru, I have four blogs on four different services, but all subtleties of this fascinating occupation ( blogerstvo ) I still did not comprehend. By the way, about Shkolazhizni`s website. I learned ru thanks to the network diary too.

If you have no blog yet, insistently advise you it to get. And here you will see, in few weeks of maintaining the diary type questions: Why it is necessary, to keep the network diary? will disappear by itself.