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What to do if you were flooded by neighbors? Compensation of damage and guilty though guiltless.

Are good when at an entrance the friendly staff of the neighbors who are kindly adjusted to each other gathered. In this case all disputes over compensation of the damage caused because of residents are solved by agreement the parties. But voluntarily to leave with blood very few people wish. In this case there is only a court.

Do not go to empty-handed court. The court needs proofs. It is necessary to attach to your claims and already drawn up statements still the estimate on it is repair - construction works.

If responsible refused to sign acts or just evades from their signing, using any plausible or not really pretexts, it is worth thinking over and producing the evidence of its actions.

in the absence of evidential base are possible paradoxical situations. For example, responsible will declare that he sees documents for the first time in life, no accident existed, and all lawsuit is intrigues of neighbors from - for the fact that he, coming back somehow in the evening after a cheerful friendly wine party three years ago, incidentally kicked their cat. What will solve court? The logic prompts one, and here practice to

the Estimate, at your request, will be engaged in ZhES or ZhREO and will count to you for the work two percent from the cost of works. It is possible to choose also other organization, but only surely having rights for similar activity. If are sure of success of the fight, be not afraid to pay. Expenses can quite be included in future claim.

The experts making the estimate, you, of course, will listen. But the work will be performed on the basis of existing rules and the defective act. And they have to consider quality of construction materials, and their cost in retail prices. Be sure, all will consider.

Whether here will only be considered to correspond to your efforts and cost of the last repair - still a question. Tears and words of experts you will not get. And here if any account documents remained, they, perhaps, can be useful.

Regardless of where you addressed for drawing up the estimate, it needs to be coordinated with the asset holder of the house. And, not when it will be convenient to you, and within three days.

Of course, works on repair and elimination of shortcomings can be charged any construction organization and the estimate it is scrupulously possible not to adhere. Owner, as they say, barin. But at determination of the amount of compensation the court, most likely, will consider not the actual, but budget expenses.

Lawsuits do not promote growth of mutual understanding between neighbors. Therefore before appealing to court, consider that responsible in which apartment there was a rush, is not always guilty. In the cases given below the operating organization, in particular ZhES has to bear responsibility for consequences.

1. Gates on introduction or all-house pipelines therefore it was impossible to block quickly and in due time water are faulty.

2. Accidents in all-house systems and pipelines.

3. Malfunctions in constructive elements of a house design.

4. Water proceeds through a roof and joints.

5. Poor necessary repair and scheduled works in the house are not executed or performed.

In conclusion sincerely and with skill I will wish a dry ceiling over your head.]