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What to do if you were flooded by neighbors? Bureaucratic procedures.

the spring dreamed at Night. The warm bright sun kindled a snowdrift on a roof, and transparent moisture began to sparkle on crystal icicles. A cap - the cap, a cap - a cap - ring droplets on tin outflow outside of a window. Joyful such sound.

But the sharp trill of a doorbell forced to wake up. Whom there still hard brought at three o`clock in the morning! Swearing, dozing I get out from - under warm blankets, I lower legs on a floor, and the dream vanishes. Pool! Water vile, cold, almost ice (half asleep)!

Neighbors in the platform, lifted by the same trouble woke. Three floors is higher at the granny - pensioners once again were worn out pipes. What is interesting, neighbors over me did not suffer at all. But the speech not about vicissitudes of life and strangenesses of house-building practice. What to do in the circumstances? I impart experience.

It appears, in Minsk since 2003 similar incidents are regulated, and actions for elimination of their consequences are stated in the order of management of housing. Very few people from us read similar documents, I - not an exception, and here, appear, in vain.

As appears from the document and as the logic prompts, first of all it is necessary to eliminate a source, in other words, - to block water. Dispatching service ZhES, and after hours, at night and is engaged in it day off, it is necessary to address to city emergency service. Her experts will not give big help, but will arrive surely and will block water. In the apartment, an entrance, the house or even in all residential district. Everything depends on a situation.

All. Water does not whip any more, a rush it is eliminated and all other efforts will be successful for only 10 - 15 percent if not to support them with persistence, persistence and loss of a certain time.

Under 10 - 15 percent of success I mean that water more from a ceiling will not pour, and in the crane will appear again. It is obligatory. Quicker or more slowly, but native ZhES will cope with a task.

Agree, it is not enough. Floating rugs, the blown-up parquet, the fallen-off wall-paper - there is a lot of delights brought with itself a flood. It is necessary to fight with them.

We begin fight with the act of inspection. On the same day, but not through two or three, the commission as a part of the chief engineer of ZhES, the job foremaster and the plumber has to survey your housing and draw up the statement. You understand that the specified officials special desire to visit your modest monastery exactly in a minute, but not next week do not burn. Most likely, it is necessary to lead them in literal sense by the hand.

Except officials the act is signed the victim and a guilty party, and also public representatives any of neighbors. If with neighbors everything is clear, somebody yes will sign, then with responsible for an unplanned shower it is more difficult. Not everyone admits the guilt and voluntarily will begin to sign the papers promoting a devastation of a native pocket.

The commissions on it do not come to an end. No later than 20 days of date of incident one more, even more authoritative commission has to visit you and draw up one more statement, this time defective. Experts of ZhREO which " will be added to the friendly staff of companions which was already visiting the unsuccessful place; orders yours ZHESOM.

Track that in the defective act everything was painted as it is possible in more detail. These are your money. Volumes and quality of finishing of affected surfaces and elements of a design have to be determined most precisely. The defective act is approved by the deputy director of ZhREO for production.

Both the victim, and responsible have to be informed of both acts under a list. If someone from them does not wish to subscribe, in the act the corresponding entry is made. The copy of the act is handed to both the victim, and responsible in day of inspection. If consequences of incident were felt on themselves by several victims, then separate statements on each premises are drawn up.

All? The bureaucracy ended? Well is not present, have patience.]