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What do students differ in?

Despite great changes in the world, changes of public formations, transitions of planets from one constellation in another and individual reorganizations of the growing and withering organisms, millions of people remain are faithful to the Lenin principle to study, to study and study . Hundreds of thousands of young people and not really young people on spring get sick with examination fever and wander stuck around by a set of layers of manuals. From this crowd examiners a trained eye look out especially eager knowledge, favourably fall before conversation with them and force of the sophisticated mind allocate units of the elite acquiring the right to have nominal record books and to be called students.

At all times the students were the carrier of cultural, occult, groundless, loose and many other knowledge. Even vital wisdom of students, their philosophical reflections about the power of fate and disastrous passions, about power of human reason and unique working capacity of a student`s brain are transferred in a faint echo of student`s folklore which hardly reaches the world of mere mortals with an amazing force of poetic means and simplicity of household lexicon. Biting into science granite more and stronger, students find plentiful food for inquisitive mind. The inexhaustible richness of human thought and centuries-old historical experience of all mankind, and also the deepest grief from - for impossibility to apply the gained knowledge here and now are at the same time reflected in their faces.

The difficult multicourse world is hidden from the detached onlooker not only gray walls of higher education institutions and a double plaster coat. Press especially reasonable Goma sapiens allocates owners of record books in any crowd and inspires fear and envy in hearts of ordinary citizens. By tradition, ancient people compared students to animals and already according to this first typology looked for ways of interaction with them.

The zodiac circle was made by twelve animals. Expert in an ancient student`s horoscope advised to distribute symbolical animals on similar signs in three groups.

In the first group - strong types of students: Leopard, Wild boar, Eagle and Wolf. Having strong intelligence and predatory instincts, these students frighten the mentors by the speed of reactions and unexpectedness of answers. The most dangerous in group the period of examinations when intellectual and physical activity reaches a limit is considered, and the introduced ideas are overflowed with poison of storming hormones. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences at this time you should not interfere with advance of the called types of students along corridors of educational institutions and to be crossed with them in verbal streams. Especially if the mentor still badly is guided in higher education institution.

The second group includes types: Spider, Snake, Monitor lizard and Seal. These resourceful creations possess brilliant mind and the flexible physical constitution. Their strong-willed sphere is in a backbone which has ability to cave in under weight of knowledge and to take the inconceivable forms. Work with such students causes a sheer pleasure in those who have tendency to esthetic pleasure from intellectual constructions on shaky bases. Forms of logical communications, the interpretations and associations connected with the main objects, at this group of students usually very difficult and confused. The speech of students full of terminology from facultative occupations, as a rule, takes art figurativeness, a charm and grace, but threatens with derivation from educational process in general.

The third group consisting of Arkhar, the Camel, the Gopher and the Jerboa seems to the most harmless. The weak nervous system of these types does not allow them to conduct active student`s life that develops into unexpected hysterical surges in emotions and the deepest depressions. The guarding depressive periods of absence of students are replaced in the most unexpected way by hysterics which can be obvious (Arkhar and the Camel) and hidden (A gopher and the Jerboa). Unpredictable activity of weak group can cause problems both in educational process, and in private life of teaching structure of any higher education institution.

As well as any horoscope, ancient student`s typology was exposed to doubts, and first of all, the students offended by comparison with unreasonable animals. Over time podkhlestyvayemy scientifically - technical progress the scientific thought offered some more theories of typology of students. Each of them deserves special conversation, but we will consider only some.

The shortest characteristic of types of students is offered by institute of physical culture. Students are divided by physiological signs and physical data on visiting institute of physical culture and its not visiting.

The theory of the humanitarian direction suggests to distribute students on four types. The first - dot . The students having exact knowledge of the humanities treat it. Deviations and exceptions to the rules are perceived by them as the personal tragedy, and estimates are lower five - as insults.

Dvoyetochechny the type unites the students who are brought up in the spirit of dialectic materialism. All questions are considered from two ambiguous parties and become object of philosophizing.

Multipoint the type is characterized by multiple-valued statements to eyes and about everything. Has so broad outlook that hardly defines a subject of the searches.

Last type, zapyatatelny characterizes students who occasionally are present at faculties. It is the most not studied group in connection with an inaccessibility from - for periodic absence on occupations. Mystery of this type is aggravated also with a non-standard of examination answers.

The greatest distribution was gained by the typology developed by the exact sciences. Terms positive and negative told to the student, are not surprising even to people, very far from the higher education, any more. The " types are less known; dividing and multiplying . Students dividing type are characterized by ability to share the point of view of the examiner, and also to split facultative sciences and scientific categories on the hardly recognizable components. Multiplying the type, as a rule, multiplies glory of faculty. Exceptions make multiplying by zero .

Now researches of student`s types in psychology were developed. The young science possessing good memory, the developed attention rich with imagination and a difficult categorial system promises to describe students most fully. This work is especially actual now when methods of achievement of material welfare and methods of their philosophical justification are developed. Scientists - psychologists promise soon not only to find keys to an inner world and souls of students, but also to answer an immemorial question: whether there is after short student`s life an interesting work for a decent payment.]