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As well as in what to ride a bicycle in the winter?

Preparation of the bicycle.

can Make the bicycle ready for the winter in several minutes. As well as when driving in the spring and in the summer, the bicycle for a start has to be serviceable.

Brakes. It is better to use in the winter disk brakes as during snow or during a rain the rim becomes wet and, naturally, brakes much worse.

Tires have to be in a good shape. If you live in the district with a humid climate - narrow tires with a small amount of thorns will be the best option. During snow wide tires will be the best choice. Studded tires are very effective if you go only on snow or ice. On asphalt make an unpleasant sound and quickly wear out.

Wings are very practical at winter driving by bicycle, especially on dirt and water, it is especially unpleasant to be to wash wet from head to foot in the winter. At their choice it is necessary to look for an optimal variant so that did not splash dirt, and did not get jammed a wheel at possible tamping of snow Well and, of course, appearance. In this plan wings which fasten on the podsidelny probe and to the lower part of a steering block as they leave a big gap between a wing and a wheel and, as a rule, quite wide well approach.

On wet or ice-covered roads the brake way is much longer, it should be considered for the sake of own safety. Attempt to turn during braking can be a wrong move too.

In the winter cars pose much more big threat for the cyclist. It is worth behaving on the road very accurately. As darkens much earlier - it is worth paying due attention to night-time lighting. Back both forward lamps and the reflecting tapes on clothes - preferable option.

Training of. the Question of the choice of clothes costs

much more sharply in the winter, than in the summer. If it is possible to feel rather comfortably and not in special vpityvayushche in the summer - vlagootvodyashche - seamless clothes, then in the winter the situation is absolutely differently. To feel comfortable in the winter - a task more difficult and expensive. It is also key moment which will define, you derive pleasure from driving or not.

The so-called layered clothing which is put on very first directly a body is made for terrestrial active recreation and sport. Its appointment - to provide removal of moisture from a body and ensuring access of air to skin. From above it is possible to put on a sweatshirt it, for example, from fleece. The top jacket have to be not blown, for this purpose there is a material windstop which is often used in sportswear, there are also special bicycle jackets made of this material.

Winter bicycle gloves. Now, when to cold not to reach our body, and all moisture is taken away - it is possible to talk also about gloves. Gloves best of all approach fitting as they provide the maximum freedom to hands that is important during the braking and gear shifting. It is possible to choose both special bicycle, and any other pleasant. The main criteria - warmth and an udobnost.

Winter driving footwear. The main criterion remains invariable - heat. At a temperature below - 4 degrees warm socks are not recommended, will only become wet and it will become worse. It is better to put on not really thick sock provided that driving will be without long stops. It is desirable to use footwear convenient and not bulky (not winter boots), but not blown. It is possible to dress the boot covers made of windstop`a. As shows experience - in a terry sock and summer contact cycle shoes at - 10 it is absolutely comfortable, the main thing - not to stop for a long time.

With what to cover the head? Quite the usual winter cap will approach. It is also possible to use a special cap comforter or Balaklava (a type of a headdress which covers also a face) which can be dressed under a helmet that is very important on the road, and not only in the winter.

And finally one more council - do not stop more, than for 5 - 10 minutes, at a negative temperature. To you it will be warm, only when you in the movement.]