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Which of the famous Soviet directors acted as the woman in labor?

on January 23, 1903, 105 years ago, in Yekaterinburg, in a family of the miner Vasily Mormonenko the son who was named Grisha was born. The family lived is very rather poor, and the future for the boy was almost painted: two - three classes of education, and then heavy work from dawn to a decline. Whether Vasily wanted such destiny for the son? It is unlikely. But what he could make?

However, the talent will make the way in life even through asphalt. While his peers aimlessly loafed on the yard, 7 - summer Grisha turned near theaters. He very much liked to look at how the elegant public gathers for a performance as slowly the audience swim in in theater. Several times he and most managed to slip in crowd by the severe controller. In such cases the boy got under a chair in the corner and patiently waited until in the hall turn off light and it will be possible to lean out and watch a performance.

The two-three of times of the lad was caught and mercilessly tore up ears, but then Grinya also defined for himself that art demands the victims . But to die, so with music! In opera theater it was also pleasant to the boy most of all. Here only control was much more strict here. It is no wonder that the bright madcap quickly became familiar. Having caught sight of his shaggy head somewhere in crowd, the controller usually doubled vigilance. On performances the boy got more and more seldom, and therefore once he took courage and approached the administrator of theater with a question: Perhaps couriers are necessary to you? .

The administrator shrugged shoulders. And then Grigory smoothly uttered rapidly almost close to the text a monologue of one of heroes of a yesterday`s performance. It made impression. 9 - the summer boy was admitted to opera theater to work as the courier. Or, as then were expressed, the delivery man. A bit later it grew to the assistant to the property man, then electrical equipment and, at last, became the errand boy at the director.

One old Jew - the violinist from Odessa became the first mentor of Grigory in studying of the world of music. It gave the first lessons of playing a violin. But advised not to be the self-educated person, and to be learned at music school. As Mormonenko by then already it was lit in theater and the authority of his teacher was rather high - it was accepted! So in 14 years the son of the miner became a violinist!

And then, in the same 1917 blew softly revolution winds. Grigory made a right choice - became the fighter of Red Army, battled on East front. And when fights were replaced by calm, took a violin in hand and gave out such kolenets what fighters just died of laughing. And his talent was made out by the member of a Council of War of the front, and suggested Grigory to create and head theater which would lift spirit of Red Army men. Surprisingly the young director very quickly oriented in a situation and put such performances which went with a bang!

After active military operations came to the end, Grigory returned to native Yekaterinburg, having organized STUFF (artists, writers, actors, musicians), then was an instructor of department of culture of the Gubobraznadzor, tracing repertoire Ekaterinburg theaters. And a year later, in 1921, Mormonenko and Eisenstein`s fatal meeting took place. However, Grigory Vasilyevich decided to replace a surname and became Alexandrov.

In spite of the fact that to Sergey at that time went only 24 - y year (they were born with Alexandrov almost to the day, but with a difference in five years), creative abyss between them was the huge size. By then Sergey Mikhaylovich thought himself already taken place master, and it was noted even by the mighty of the earth. His talent was very much appreciated by Vladimir Meyerhold, the best pupil of Konstantin Stanislavsky. But, despite the stardom Eisenstein was in great need in talented assistants. And Alexandrov which literally listened spellbound to the " became the closest of them; to the teacher . But they understood soon that even while Grigory conceded first violin they very much supplement each other.

They began with the movie Strike where already from the first shots managed to inform the audience, as if told now, a nerve of this drama. Then, several months later, came out well-known Battleship Potemkin in which success a considerable merit and Alexandrov. Though some time it was, naturally, in a shadow of the more successful colleague. But he had also indisputable advantage - Eisenstein, painting roles, did not forget also about the friend.

After Potemkin`s Battleship to 10 - to the anniversary of revolution the movie " was shot; October laid the foundation legendary to a method according to this historical event. Then for the first time there were also shots about which not less great Sergey Mikhalkov will write: The sailor Runs, the soldier runs, shooting on the run .

The movie made great success, and to Eisenstein and Alexandrov was provided cards - Blanch. They decided to use a situation in order that to study . And not where - nibud, and in Hollywood! Having on the way visited Europe... And here, in Switzerland just there was also an episode which then parted two great masters.

The Swiss colleagues suggested Russians to shoot the small movie about harm of abortions. But the Swiss women in labor flatly refused to act from - for superstitions that shooting on a chamber can lead to complication of childbirth. Well what Grisha, give! - it is bad Eisenstein smiled. What give? - did not understand Alexandrov. Well, shave where it is necessary also in a bed! What for? Why, what for? the woman in labor you Will represent! Yes you that, Seryozha? Woman in labor, what of me? It is necessary, the brother, it is necessary!

And the camera, the motor is farther, I remove! The small film masterpiece left to such workshops that the Swiss women did not even pay attention that the woman in labor everything is refused to shave legs, and they had defined wooliness

It is possible to speak about Alexandrov long. I want to pay attention to two - three episodes from the author`s life Cheerful children " Circus; Volga - Volga Spring not less famous Lyubov Orlova`s husband. The first episode - a movie " ban; Cheerful children at the earliest stage, after viewing of a picture by members of the Politburo (To Stalin the movie was shown later). The merry fellow - the shepherd, driving herd as you remember, sings: Easily on heart from a song cheerful . And so during pronouncing the words Walk forward, the Komsomol tribe Rocks adjusts a stick herd of rams! Unless members of the Politburo could demolish such allegory?! And if not instructions hardly the movie so solemnly would march companion Stalin to whom, naturally, did not show an episode with rams which was erased over the country.

Second episode. How you think when Alexandrov finished the last film, however, not art, but documentary? It is difficult to believe in it, but shortly before the death, in 1983 when to it went already 81 - y year. Also the movie " was called; Lyubov Orlova . By the way, from - for the fact that star couple quarreled and divorced the last wife of Alexandrov - Galina - forbade to bury in one grave of the great director and the great actress. Grigory Vasilyevich died on December 16, 1983, and the movie appeared after his death...

By the way, the photographer Galina to enter a family of Alexandrov, married in a hurry for his son from first marriage of Douglas. Then, having buried the husband, she married also the father-in-law. Thus, Galina some time was twice a widow. Both son`s widow, and father`s widow. It, you see, happens infrequently. But it already another story altogether ]