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As I went in marriage to America, or Great travel with the son and dogs.

It was long ago, 14 years ago, and is remembered as though yesterday...

I, mine 9 - the summer son Pavlik and two dachshunds - the senior Lucky and younger Starki - were going to America. I - in marriage, and they am with me, as a family. So I also told the future husband - or all together, or in any way.

For dogs I bought special cages in shop for travelers, small, on one on each dachshund because I was told that two dogs in one cage cannot be carried - rules do not allow.

When landing in the plane allowed to take me my small doggies in salon. I put cages to the specified place where the hand luggage is stored. And here we fly from Moscow to Houston through Paris by plane of Air France. I worry how it there, in America. Pavlik shivers in a chair, is afraid that directly under it a floor will fail, and it will drop out of the plane. Dogs - everyone in the cage - too are nervous. The younger dog of Starki for fear gnawed a door in a cage and got out outside. Stewardesses ran because violation - now other passengers will begin to complain! Therefore allowed Starki to take me on hands. There was the senior dog of Lucky - at him forces were not enough for vygryzany doors, and there was enough mind quite to arrange a terrible concert in a look vytya. Therefore also it was allowed to take on hands. We fly quite peacefully.

But I - that understand that in Paris we should change to other plane, and nobody there with an acellular dog will let us. And time only there will be half an hour. Therefore I ask the stewardess whether it is impossible to organize delivery of a dog cage directly to the plane flying to Houston. - It is possible, - say. - It will be made.

We arrive to Paris. We fall out of the plane and a vigorous jog trot we run to change. We resort to vorotets to Houston - and where a cage? And is not present. Deceived. Let in the plane looking on any requests, both dogs in one cage are not allowed to put because of narrowness, and the plane eventually departs without us.

So, we will carry out assessment of the situation and we will draw up the action plan. We (I, Pavlik, the senior dog of Lucky and a younger dog of Starki) are in Paris, at the airport of Charles de Gaulle. We have: one dog cage with a dog, one dog without cage and a lead, one boy of 9 years and me. We have documents on ourselves both dogs and a quantity of money. We have no French visa - and why it was necessary to us? But dogs are in the habit to walk... We have no more tickets to America. The baggage departed to Houston. Action plan? It is necessary to call somebody - future husband, for example. Let us do not go from Dallas to Houston to meet, let flies to Paris...

If it is necessary to call, so to find the payphone. We begin to move in the following order - ahead I, with a cage in one hand and a dog an armpit. For me, holding my raincoat, Pavlik with my bag full of documents and money goes. Here phone! We come into the box - and here it becomes clear to me that, in - the first, I do not know how to call from France to America. In - the second, I have no counters or what they use there. Keep in mind that year outside 1994, there is no experience of foreign travel... What to do? It is clear that - to cry! What I also made. It is necessary to pay tribute to Pavlik who in this situation kept full presence of mind and strictly specified to me that adults do not cry. It was necessary to stop roaring and beginning some movement in some direction.

Later some time, moving in the order described above, we came across a rack of the Air France company. Having approached a rack, I told them that I have problems. Probably, on my face it was very clearly written that I have problems because it was politely offered to me to sit down and not to worry about anything because they will solve my problems. That they also made: quickly delivered a dog cage for two of dogs, made to us the French visa for 24 hours, ordered the room in hotel (where it is possible to stop with dogs) and changed tickets for tomorrow`s number and directly to Dallas where, actually, and my future husband lived. Even explained where and what tablets I have to buy the dogs that were not nervous on the plane.

Thus, next day we safely departed to Chicago from where with small difficulties in the form of a customs clearance of dogs reached, at last, and Dallas. However, our baggage which was not demanded in Houston departed back to Moscow, but it, the right, such trifles...

In three days, after several calls to the Air France company, our baggage it was got directly to us home, and it was possible to change clothes at last.

All of us safely endured a trip, change of climate and cultural shock. Unfortunately, the senior dog of Lucky died in 7 years after arrival, having been run over by a car, and was buried on a site. The younger dog of Starki still with us (he is 15 years old), became all gray-haired, but still surely keeps the status of the leader of pack who inherited after Lucky`s death. In our pack, except me, the husband and the son, two more dogs - a sheep-dog and the Labrador. You can imagine how our Starki looks, specifying us what is possible and that it is impossible ]