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What city it is proud bears a name of the great genius Antoni Gaudi?

the Designer 20 Centuries combining talents of the builder, sculptor, artist and architect... about this magnificent person legends still go and the modern criticism does not become silent. Antoni Gaudi (1852 - 1926) created an own original architectural esthetics, leaning on a national gothic style and characteristics of national Catalan culture.

What, you guess? Ol, my dear. It is about resort Spain. To be exact, about its city, the second for population (more than one and a half million inhabitants) - Barcelona.

Characteristic of a city landscape of this ancient and at the same time young city are rectilinear quarters of the center with their wide boulevards and charming labyrinths. Barcelona is the green city decorated with numerous gardens and parks. The squares and avenues darkened by kroner of decorative palm trees and long-boled trees give it a view of the large Mediterranean mother country, different, except other advantages, fine soft climate.

The one who considers that Barcelona is only bullfight, a flamenco and the well-known national dish paella has extremely poor idea based on outdated tourist stereotypes of the city. Moving away from the sea in the city center, you enjoy cultural and art traditions of Barcelona which are shown in each part of modernist creations.

This city, a predstavlyashchy real alloy of various architectural styles - from a gothic style to the Renaissance and neoclassicism - became a peculiar workshop of the great Spanish architect A. Gaudi who presented to the city imperishable models of the abstract art. During the period between 80 - and both 90 - and. he performed a number of the works which exerted huge impact on the complete image of Barcelona. Kass Vineks (Visens`s House), one of the first works of Gaudi dated 1878 - 1880, the Monastery Santa Theresa del Zhesus (1889 - 94)... and, of course, its masterpiece which remained incomplete - Sagrada Familia where Gaudi`s remains since 1926

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