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Professional crises: whether are inevitable whether are surmountable?

Each 10 - 12 years with new sharpness you begin to ask to yourself questions: Who do I what reached what I want actually what I will never reach any more am? They are manifestations professionally - the age crises which are well described in English - and German-speaking literature. They are allocated by 5 - 6. Let`s try to describe and give short recipes of overcoming.

1. Crisis of professional expectations (beginning of independent work).

Difficulties in the relation with colleagues of different age and different experience, in the mastering a profession and doubts in expediency of its choice, discrepancy of youthful expectations and reality. The recipe - to make active top level professional efforts to put ceiling on the near future to reconsider true motives of the work and sense of work in this organization, fast dismissal - not the best exit.

2. Crisis of professional growth (23 - 25 years).

Need for further professional development, a dissatisfaction with a post, envy to peers and fellow students, creation of a family and the financial difficulties connected with it. The recipe - professional development, including also self-education at own expense, detailed portrayal own career, search of a hobby, finding of pleasure in a family and life (it is welcomed not by all authors), change of the place of work and an occupation.

3. Career crisis (30 - 33 years).

A dissatisfaction with professional situation, feeling of the termination of own development, reconsideration of and the place in the world ( meaning of life ) sudden detection of new motives and meanings in work habitual hitherto. The recipe - transition to new work or a position, professional development, acquisition and development of new specialty. Are not constructive: self-isolation, emergence of addictions, leaving in life and leisure.

4. Crisis of professional self-realization (38 - 42 years).

Discontent strongly developed the professional status and as a result - (alarm, a depression, suspiciousness), understanding of own restrictions of an opportunity to realize itself in this role, the beginning of age changes of health with its slow deterioration, professional deformation (cynicism, black humour, emotional burning out, snobbery). The recipe - creation of a new family, love hobby, mentoring, innovative activity (creativity, invention, innovation, mastering new technologies), social activity, excess work, transition to a new position or change of the place of work.

5. Fading of professional activity (55 - 60 years).

Expectation of retirement, new unusual social role, narrowing of professional opportunities and decrease in the social status, deterioration in physical health, decrease in working capacity. The recipe - gradual increase of activity in areas, untied with a profession (grandsons, giving, a hobby), conscious psychophysical preparation, maintenance of emotionally warm communications with people around.

6. Crisis of psychological adequacy (65 - 70 years).

There is more free time, it is less than financial opportunities, psychological aging, loss of habitual friends and friends, absence of heat and attention from before relatives, feeling of uselessness in the majority of vital spheres, sharp deterioration in health. The recipe - involvement in social and spiritual activity, maintenance of the relations with relatives, development of new kinds of activity (a hobby, memoirs, pets and plants). A full-fledged result - feeling not for nothing past life.

I though to most of readers it is still a long way off, the author hopes that these lines will be able to help them and their neighbors.]