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So there with memory of water - that, and?

are fashionable to argue about " Now; memory of " water;. Trembling Ash - two - Oh, appears, a lot of things remember. It is a pity that water does not write memoirs - it would be interesting to esteem: Business was in the Mesozoic. I remember how I was a dew drop in the fine wood, then flew down in the streamlet murmuring nearby, and then me drank awful prototseratops and... further is already not so poetical. But water is not able to write yet though it can read already (see further).

At homeopathists she remembers that she was once mixed with medicine, and in cultivation one to millions in the small volume of water already just there are no those molecules which met with a preparation. Well or one - two pieces. To provide with data on medicine all other molecules, lucky women who were lucky probably organize seminars and trainings where pass on experience and share memories as I saw the Preparation " Molecule;. The others sigh and summarize.

At Chumak - water remembers an inspired gray-haired face of the maestro, at Holy Fathers - the prayers said over it. At certain experimenters water remembers even the separate words pronounced over a flask as experiment. If words bad - water spoils if kind - on the contrary, it is remarkably cleared . Especially here Japanese Masaru Emoto succeeded: he whispered to water different words, then froze water and watched what snowflakes turn out. From " words; love, benefit, good, florets, lambs, beads - snowflakes turned out beautiful, and from the words the fool, I will kill, the charlatan, a pseudo science, a pig and a toad etc. - curve and ominously clumsy.

With reports on this phenomenon of Masaru Emoto visited the whole world, and photos of these snowflakes (same, by the way everywhere) it is hammered a floor - the Internet. However, when it was asked in what language he talked to water, many in the hall laughed, but it will not get at the real enthusiast. Though a question, of course, interesting - for example, in Turkish fool means just a stop, and on Chinese there is quite good name - the word from three letters which at us for some reason is written on fences. Whether water will understand what meant?

The same tireless Masaru Emoto organized over water many thousands flashmobs on pronouncing to water of good " words; Good and gratitude - even dates in 2003 were appointed, 2004 etc. when all kind people in the world agreed to whisper to water:

Water, We Love you.

Water, Thanks.

Water, We Respect you

why situation in the world had to is strong to improve. The last such jolly took place on July 17, 2007, but improvement of world harmony both was not, and is not present. The honest descendant of Samurais admitted: I am afraid that no positive phenomena appeared " yet;... but so far postponed a hara-kiri.

People even write theses on a question - that is a data carrier in water. In it, you see molecules have the dipole form, one end with minus, another with plus, and can form certain chains by pulling, having joined hands... that is minuses for pluses. However, time of existence of such chains is measured second, increased on 10 in - 14 (not they are 16) degrees, but whom it confuses? The chain can already store information in the manner of DNA!

And here supporters of a phenomenon show unattractive crystals of the frozen water deafened a hard - fate, and very beautiful, visited church or which were told thanks... And not only told experiments when words wrote, and in a piece of paper wrapped up test tubes. Then water was frozen besides - and crystals corresponded to written! Did not do also without music: as it is easy to guess, from Bach and Beethoven of a snowflake were incredibly fine, from fate - music - are awful and lopsided, and from " songs; to vasimnatsat to me already patsyluy me to a vizda snowflakes were not formed at all, everything was smoothed at all.

At homeopathists not so sensitive water: she remembers medicinal properties at multimillion cultivation, but is not obliged to remember in what mood there was a laboratory assistant and what he told, diluting test tubes with water from the crane. And that we would nalechitsya! Here question another: how they explain to water that it has to remember properties of a medicine, and here - absolutely to forget properties of rusty pipes in which before it was? Or nevertheless we in liters absorb these memories of how water flew in pipes, stood in settlers, was exposed to chlorination, and before it was a rain, and before a rain it evaporated, and before evaporation, maybe, was a pool of elephant urine? It is necessary to us, such storing?

And that, I thought skeptical. There is an effect of shape memory - an alloy after deformation at a low temperature returns initial (before deformation) a form when heating. an alloy of certain metals (the science authentically knows what - an alloy of difficult structure, to us it is absolutely unimportant that it is nickel, the titan, brass and bronze), from which products really of remember what form they had before deformation Exists. At these alloys the full or partial reversibility of inelastic deformation called by effect of shape memory can be observed. That is there was a detail of one form, it was deformed, then heated - and it returned itself an initial form. About as - the detalka remembers what form it had earlier!

There is quite scientific, impartial justification of this phenomenon (something with a crystal lattice and shift), the effect is repeated, we reproduce both in laboratory, and in conditions of production. Materials with effect of shape memory as elements of heat engines are used, connections of bone fragments are widely applied in medicine to extension of bones and treatment of changes, at treatment of scoliosis and blood vessels etc.

B than difference of metal from water? Why such injustice, and, I would even tell, not political correctness in relation to water? Why alloys with EPF do not surprise us, and about water each skeptic strives to be passed on the subject There are things about which in scientific community it is indecent to speak. One of them - memory of " water;?

On the example of alloys with EPF it is just very well visible. Here when the phenomenon is - it is . Quiet and efficient scientists study it, explain, describe and transfer to a national economy. And it works. And what the most remarkable - to elements of engines, to artificial limbs of joints and vessels etc. it is not necessary to tell about a blagorastvoreniye, good and love. With it enough simple physical temperature parameters, and if to call devices for fixing of sockets and a nest for accession of chips by fools - they do not cease to work from indignation and do not take from it the fico form. You catch?

Why supporters of examining of the beautiful snowflakes received from water which is treated kindly , and ugly snowflakes from water cursed , - having taken care of dipolar chains, did not obsnovat in any way the fact that for such reaction to the Good and evil water would have to have also a consciousness? Water has to store information little, it has to SOMETHING emotionally react to it? At water, so, is not only MEMORY, but also CONCEPTS that fool it is bad, and ... , ... and ... - and it is absolutely bad? And it is so good to understand that it even cannot normally form a snowflake from a grief? Such here water, constraining, as the aunt Polly who dropped knitting at the word " trousers; and word man uttered in a whisper and looking back? whether

Well nonsense?

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