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Whether there can be a fast lunch tasty?

Many of us, trying to follow traditions or health for the sake of, tried to change the diet. Here, for example, Lent. How many times I tried though a small interval of time to follow all rules of a post concerning food. Very hard task, I will tell you!

In general it is useful to arrange fasting days during the whole year for health. However many are frightened by a large number of bans: meat it is impossible, dairy it is impossible, rich it is impossible etc.

Ya I will try to overpersuade you and I will offer several recipes which will brighten up your fast days.

The lunch usually consists of three - five dishes, we will not break tradition and for a start we will talk about first course, that is about soups. For a fast lunch meat broths are excluded at once, but there is a good replacement - it is a set of the main korenyev. Sounds, perhaps, not really appetizingly, but on taste - very much even!

Carry to the main korenye: carrots, parsley, celery, leek, bulb and sometimes turnip. If to weld the listed korenye, and to filter the received broth, then to turn out an excellent basis for fast borsch or soup.

Borsch from fried beet. Make for

broth from the main korenyev. At this time clear 5 pieces of not really large beet, chop. To oil a big frying pan sunflower or mustard, to warm, put beet, to moisten it with three spoons of vinegar, to roast, disturbing, to strew with a flour spoon, to roast still, adding on a spoon of the filtered broth from korenyev, to semi-readiness of beet. To shift it in a pan with the remained broth, to weld to readiness, having added bay leaf and bell pepper. It is possible to add potatoes. Salt, pepper to taste. Before giving on a table to strew with greens.

will be required to you: 5 pieces of beet, 3 tablespoons of vinegar, 1 - 2 St. spoons of oil, 2nd carrots, 2 bulbs, 0,5 roots of parsley, 0,5 roots of a celery, 0,5 roots of a leek, bay leaf and pepper, greens of parsley and fennel, 1 tablespoon of flour, 2 - 3 potatoes.

In general on such broth from korenyev it is possible to cook both pea soup, and mushroom, and buckwheat. And what borsch from sauerkraut turns out! The recipe is very simple: on above-mentioned broth, and it is possible just on water, we cook potatoes, and so far it cooks, we do a zazharka on vegetable or olive oil: onions, carrot, fresh tomatoes (it is possible freshly frozen), the Bulgarian pepper, a petrushechka, an ukropchik, spices to taste. Potatoes cooked, we add sauerkraut and a zazharka. Salt, pepper, a lavrushka - who as loves. Yum-yum!!!

Fish soup also belongs to meatless soups. That fish soup turned out tasty and as speak, strong, it is necessary to take several grades of fish at once. Most of all approach: ruff, perch, whitefish, burbot, pike, sturgeon. If fish very fresh, then in fish soup do not put anything, except salt and greens as taste of just hooked fish is remarkable in itself. And still, on 6 - 8 plates, it is necessary to cook very good fish soup not less as from 2,5 kg of fish, mediocre - from 1,25 kg.

On the second it is possible to give cutlets. And cutlets can be made, for example, of mushrooms.

Mushrooms cutlets. to Take

100 g dried (it is desirable white) mushrooms, to weld them, to chop up small. To weld 1 glass of rice with salt and parsley, to cast away on a colander, to mix with mushrooms. Do not use in this case the steamed rice or rice with different processing (polished, etc.) . It should not be washed out after cooking, it is simple to merge water that natural glutinosity remained. To make cutlets, to roll in in flour and to roast on vegetable oil. It is possible to make batter: 1 glass of water, 1 tablespoon of olive or nut oil, 0,5 teaspoons of salt, torments so that liquid dough turned out, as on pancakes. To dunk each cutlet into it and to fry. As a garnish - any fresh vegetables salad, fried or boiled potatoes.

By the way, fast cutlets can be prepared from potatoes and from fish. The way of their preparation is very simple, as well as all ingenious. To make puree of hot potatoes (0,8 kg), to add a third of a glass of flour, salt to taste, to roll in in crackers and to fry. Or to clear kilogram of fish (a pike, a pike perch, a perch) of bones, meat to crush, add the half-long loaf wetted in water and which is wrung out, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, salt, pepper, seasonings to taste, to stir. To make cutlets, to roll in in crackers and to fry on vegetable oil.

And a seledochka with onions and vegetable oil and with a boiled kartoshechka and greens - than not fast food!

Make salad. And what it will be simpler, that it will be more tasty. For example, salad from cabbage. Small chop cabbage, it is better red, salt, well you remember it hands that the cabbage gave juice, add the fresh small cut cucumber and greens, fill with olive oil. Salads can be different, be not afraid to experiment! Potatoes with green peas, green onions and greens filled with vegetable oil - too it is very tasty!

We will wash down with something such, for health useful too. Generally it is useful not to wash down food not to dilute gastric juice, it is necessary to drink in 15 - 20 minutes prior to a lunch, but, anyway, for drink various fruit drinks from fresh or freshly frozen berries are very good. Compote from dried fruits is vitamin-rich. Do not abuse tea, drink a glass of juice better - invigorates!

So, we will sum up the result. In - the first if you decided to popostitsya several days or, in other words, to arrange itself fasting days, for a start estimate, than you will eat at this time, that is make the approximate menu at least for two days ahead, write down it better.

In - the second, hide in the most far corner of the refrigerator meat and meat semi-finished products, and also eggs, milk, generally, all food of an animal origin - from eyes down with.

In - the third, stock up with vegetables, fruit, korenye for broths and obligatory those products which will be necessary for you to your menu. The mood to prepare quickly vanishes if near at hand there is no necessary ingredient.

In - the fourth, the nose is higher, at you everything will turn out, the main thing to want! Bon appetit!]