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What spouse, general between the choice, and purchase of footwear?

At different times and with different frequency, but before each of us rise a choice problem. And it is simpler to make important decisions if to draw an analogy to simpler and daily things. From here and subject of this article. Messages conversation I will be with ladies, but I advise men too to join our conversation - having ears yes will hear.

So, we go to shop behind a new pair of shoes, and the first that we notice, these are the varnish boots shaking on a hairpin . My God, similar I in the life saw nothing and I will hardly see! They are one size less, than it is necessary for me, and not my completeness. Nonsense! Hardly I zip, I get up (it is necessary, what block inconvenient!) but as in this magnificence my legs magnificently look!.

Lena was delighted with the new guy - the tremendous handsome man, the owner of own small business, the favourite of great ladies, Max chose it, and she was ready to thank him for it all life. My girlfriend who of food knew how to cook only sandwiches diligently molded pelmeni ( The maxilobe does not love store ) also cooked soups ( Maksik has a weak stomach ). She tided up at it the apartment, and even washed windows! Lenka who was always sharp on language reverentially kept mum now in the company of the adored Max ( He does not love when I play a trick on it ) . In total nothing, only I saw that all this does not give it pleasure - she only tries to SEEM the excellent hostess and an appeasable lamb, and all know that it is much more difficult, than to be. In one and a half months the girlfriend gloomy told me that the novel is ended, her this goat who is living off and quietly using the created comfort as self-evident " bothered;. I am glad for Lena and Max - they got off light, lost only several weeks, did not manage to get married or give birth to children, but gained invaluable experience. Ideal couple is when there is a dense joining, on each camber there is the concavity. And if you initially were double up the letter Z to answer inquiries of the partner, it will come to an end in nothing good.

While I remembered Lena, my legs ground in unimaginable narrowness of this varnish miracle became numb finally. And the miracle whether you know, somehow grew dim. Perhaps, I will refrain from purchase - I will say goodbye to these boots in an amicable way and I will look for something more suitable. And here, by the way, excellent classical " court shoes;. Well - well - For - me - cha - a tel - but! Both my razmerchik, and a heel of the necessary height only a seam on the patch is rough - disturbs But it such trifle!.

Ania and Andrey were, appear, ideal couple. According to Anyuta, her groom had only one shortcoming - he was pathologically incapable to put the things accurately. Perhaps, it even will not seem to someone a shortcoming - so, feature of a warehouse of the personality. But Ania mentioned it almost in each our conversation and constantly joked on this topic when Andryukha was near (such, you know, jokes with a hint with which he, obviously, was delighted not). Of course, neither that, nor another considered small shortcomings of each other as a reason for cancellation of a wedding. After three years of joint life my friends divorced. Anyuta shivered with indignation, telling me about it incorrigible sloven and Andrey with irritation declared that he could not even present what will leave Anka such boring grumbling grymza . You know if your elect has any shortcoming (in your understanding of this word) which even at the beginning of acquaintance causes in you irritation, then, with probability of 99%, in a couple of years it will plunge you into rage. Therefore about similar things it is necessary to agree ashore in plain terms and half-words.

Oh, apparently, after five minutes of fitting at me already the callosity on a heel is planned! The Girl, and whether it is impossible to smooth this seam somehow?. Is not present? Well, means - not mine. Let`s go further. On the next shelf wonderful leather low shoes were found . Tried on - sit perfectly, everything is pleasant, everything arranges. However, the footwear is still hardish and the style is unfamiliar to me - I had no similar shoes yet. But it skin - elastic material, in couple of days socks it will stretch and will embrace my leg as native. And I, in turn, will adapt to this model We with my husband initially were very nice

each other, but, certainly, a lot of things in each other were new to us and it is unusual. For example, I was surprised that Sergey, having all inclinations of the sociable person, prefers to big society a close circle of the closest people and does not like to visit. And for the Ear ring it was strange that there is someone, capable absolutely quietly to endure existence in a sink of dirty ware - until when there is a mood to wash it. But, you know, people without shortcomings are not and therefore our task - to find the person with whose shortcomings we can be reconciled. Sergey with understanding treats my desire to communicate with friends and never refuses to keep me the company, and I do not abuse it, having learned to rejoice to the fact that my society is more expensive to the husband any other. Washing of ware in our house was undertaken by Seryozha what I am very grateful to it for. Couple exists until each of you is ready to work on himself, to change that to darling it was good. Pay attention: to change, but not to change another! At consultation of families in a preadjustable state pay attention to this factor - if both spouses are ready to work to keep a family, then, most likely, therapy will end with reconciliation of the parties.

Probably, I found that it is necessary for me - it is possible to move towards cash desk. And what the announcement is here? Let`s make footwear by your order - the individual block and ideal landing on a leg will provide you absolute comfort! Tempting offer What a pity what husbands is not done to order, taking into account the client`s wishes. I, maybe, will also order shoes, and here new I will not begin to look for the husband - not so difficult to be attentive to darling and to carry on with him dialogue from which benefit both. You agree with me? ]