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Anastasia Vyaltseva - priestess of platitude or Seagull of the Russian platform ?

Once the famous circus fighter Ivan Poddubny joking declared: In Russia there are three celebrities: I, Gorky and Vyaltseva . And the considerable element of truth in this joke was. The girl from a country family beginning labor life in a workshop of women`s dresses became one of the most famous women in Russia. At its concerts there were always notices. Gramophone records with songs in its execution were sold out in enormous circulations. If to add that there was it not only she is talented, but also is beautiful, charming, kind and happy in family life, just fairy tale character, but not the living woman will turn out. Her life also actually was surprising.

Anastasia was born on March 1, 1871 in the settlement of Altukhovo located near Trubchevsk (now it is Navlinsky district of the Bryansk region) in a country family. But in the village practically never lived. After death of the father the family moved to Kiev, and for the girl labor life began. She managed to work as the schoolgirl in a workshop of a ladies` dress, the shop assistant of mineral water, the assistant to the maid in hotel on the Khreshchatyk, and in 13 years it was accepted the mute in ballet troupe. The dancer from her did not turn out, and Anastasia got over in the operetta. In 1893 it was accepted in troupe of the St. Petersburg Maly Theatre where she sang in chorus, sometimes trusted it small, even not minor, roles.

All abruptly changed when it was taken under the guardianship by the St. Petersburg lawyer barrister of N. Holev famous in capital secular circles as the inveterate music lover. He acquainted Anastasia with the musical teacher Stanislav Sonki who began to be engaged with her in voice training. Then E. Tsvantsiger and the great singer I. Tartakov, and also a trip to Italy where from Vyaltseva professor Marty worked paid her occupations with the teacher of conservatory.

Helped to pick up repertoire which basis was made by romances and national songs, to create a scenic image and organized favorable reviews in the press after the first solo performances. It should be noted that Anastasia quickly learned to give skillfully herself to the press, and her photogenicy and goodwill won it a favor of newsdealers. But in the capital still remembered Vyaltseva as the minor operetta singer therefore for it promotions Holeva chose Moscow.

Vyaltseva`s debut on a scene of the Moscow theater Hermitage the public met with delight. In Russia was born new entertainment star . Soon Vyaltseva was known by all Russia, she became the highest paid variety singer, receiving for a concert up to one and a half thousand rubles - money for those times huge. Only Shalyapin could brag of the similar fees.

For tours of Vyaltsev ordered in Belgium salon - the car with convenient apartments, kitchen, a bathroom and rooms for servants. Its concerts went over with invariable success, often she did not make for them the program, and sang songs of the repertoire only at the request of public. In its execution romances " sounded; Corner Recognition My fire What night Gentle kisses " Are forgotten; which enthusiastically met public. Also national songs " had not smaller success; Three Drive, the coachman Kalinka Seagull . From an easy hand of newsdealers she began to be called Seagull of the Russian platform . All in its repertoire there were more than 300 works.

The opinion of critics on her creativity was shared. So, L. Palmsky wrote: Possibly, none of the Russian actors, behind an exception unless only of one F. Shalyapin, made such enchanting career, enjoyed such wide popularity and made such dizzy success as Anastasia Dmitriyevna Vyaltseva . In too time her other critics did not favor, calling priestess of platitude . And the most famous Russian critic V. Stasov who was especially not loving Vyaltseva in private talk and letters even used unprintable expressions for the characteristic of the singer and her repertoire. For the majority of the Russian public she remained the favourite singer.

The high fees allowed it to get the estate from counts Ignatyev and the real estate in St. Petersburg, actively to do charity work. Together with Shalyapin and Sobinov she participated in charity concerts in support of Sedov`s expedition to the North Pole.

There was also a private life of the singer. The Guards officer Vasily Biskupsky fell in love with her, the novel developed into something more serious. When Vasily was seriously injured on Russko - the Japanese war, Vyaltseva interrupted tours and went the sister of mercy to the Far East in hospital where the beloved was treated. After war they secretly got married. When the marriage became known to a regiment, Biskupsky had to retire. Officer meeting of a regiment could not approve marriage of the Guards colonel with the singer from peasants. But, seemingly, young people it not really - that also confused. Unfortunately, their happiness was short.

In December, 1912 Anastasia seriously got sick, doctors found at her a blood cancer. The most modern for those times ways of treatment gave only a temporary relief. Vyaltseva began to prepare for death, in advance having made the will according to which transferred the profitable houses St. Petersburg for the structure of hospital and a shelter for children, and having painted procedure of a funeral. But in what its funeral poured out, she could not even assume.

Died Queen of the Russian romance February 2, 1913. To bury it there was all St. Petersburg: about 150 thousand people followed the coffin covered in the white flowers on Nevsky Avenue to Aleksandro - the Nevsky monastery.

Buried Anastasia Vyaltseva near Vera Komissarzhevskaya`s grave, having established a small small chapel over the place of her eternal rest.

For a long time the great singer is dead, but all - that excitingly and passionately continues to sound her voice.]