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Why Rimma Ivanova was called by the Russian Joan of Arc?

In November, 1915 by request of military department shot the movie Heroic feat of the sister of mercy Rimma Mikhaylovna Ivanova . As soon as it came out, large scandal ran high. Letters and telegrams of a protest fell down to the capital. Officers of a regiment in which Rimma Ivanova was a sister of mercy gathered to catch the impresario and to force it to eat a film . Having seen on the screen the sister of mercy who, swinging a saber, tripped across the field in shoes on a high heel and at the same time tried not to dishevel a fashionable hairdress, veterans were revolted to a limit. The movie was forbidden, passions settled, and then the series of serious failures came at the front, disorders in the back, and about the woman who was called the Russian Joan of Arc, just forgot.

Rimma was born on June 27, 1894 in Stavropol where her father served as a treasurer in a spiritual consistory. The childhood passed it, as well as at many young noblewomen from rather poor families. In 1913, after the termination of 8 classes of a gymnasium, Rimma worked as the teacher of elementary school in the village Petrovsky the Blagodarinsky County of the Stavropol province. From the beginning of World War I finished courses of sisters of mercy, not for long worked in the hospital developed in Stavropol and then went to the front.

Rimma enlisted the volunteer - the hospital attendant, and then and the paramedic in 83 - y an infantry Samursky regiment which before war settled down in Stavropol. To summer of 1915 the regiment took part in many bloody fights in which also Rimma Ivanova caused a stir. Representations to awards demonstrate that she did not sit out in the back, and directly rescued wounded on a front line. The first award, a medal 4 Of St. George - y degrees, she received during fights in the Carpathians for carrying out from a battlefield of the wounded ensign Gavrilov. The second medal - for rescue of the ensign Sokolov and restoration of the damaged communication line.

In July, 1915 she went to holiday for a short time to visit hard sick father, and then again returned on the front, but already in 105 - y the Orenburg infantry regiment in which as the junior doctor served her brother. Vladimir Ivanov did not manage to hold the sister at regimental infirmary, she went again to a front line where in the first fights deserved the St George`s Cross 4 - y degree for rescue of the wounded commander of a regiment colonel A. A. Graube.

On September 9 the regiment participated in heavy offensive combats during Sventsyansky break. Rimma, as always, was on a front line, tying up wounded. In a course of action at the Carpathian village of Dobroslavka (The Brest region, to the north of the city of Pinsk) in one of companies all officers died, soldiers mixed up and began to depart. Rimma collected receding and led a company in attack. The soldiers directed by the sister of mercy beat out the opponent from entrenchments and took an enemy position. During attack Rimma was fatally wounded by an explosive bullet and died on hands of soldiers.

To a regiment took hard death of the sister of mercy who for short term managed to win sincere love and respect of veterans. The command of a regiment supported by the commander of a division petitioned for its rewarding posthumously with the Order of Saint George 4 - y degrees. The front kavalersky thought supported the petition, but Rimma was not a servicewoman therefore the Front commander could not make independently the decision on rewarding and reported on the emperor.

On September 19 the official statement was published in newspapers: In 105 - m an infantry Orenburg regiment the sister of mercy Myrrha (v pervykh publikatsiyakh byla dopushchena oshibka v imeni) Mikhaelovna Ivanova, despite of arrangements of officers and the brother - the regimental doctor, worked all the time, tying up wounded under terrible fire of the enemy. 9 this September when the commander and officers 10 - y companies were killed, brought together to itself soldiers and rushed with them on an entrenchment which took and right there, wounded, died, mourned by all regiment. To the sovereign to the emperor blagougodno was for so unprecedented the feat made by the sister of mercy Myrrha Mikhaelovna Ivanova, imprinted by her death to award the order valorously died officer the St. great martyr and Georgy IV`s pobedonosets of degree .

The press actively began to write about Rimma`s feat, the infamous movie, and the " company was shot; Ekstrafon even let out a gramophone record Rimma Ivanova`s Feat . Several grants of her name were founded, posters and leaflets are issued. The feat of the sister of mercy received also the international resonance. In the German newspapers it was published resolute protest the chairman of the Kayzerovsky Red Cross of the general Pfyul who, referring to the Convention on a neutrality of medical personnel, with indignation declared that sisters of mercy should not make feats in the battlefield. The protest was even considered in a staff - the apartment of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva, but did not agree with opinion of the general.

Already on September 9 it was authorized to Vladimir Ivanov to take out a body of the died sister to Stavropol for burial. In the morning on September 25 the coffin with Rimma Ivanova`s body was delivered home. To meet the Russian Joan of Arc`s body as she was christened by the press, the mass of the people gathered. From the station along Nikolayevsky Avenue there were troops along which the white catafalque harnessed by the four of horses in white body cloths carried the coffin covered in the flowers. Ahead of a procession on velvet small pillows bore Rimma Ivanova`s awards: award Sv. Georgy, St George`s Cross and medals.

Buried Rimma near Andrew the First-Called`s temple. In a valedictory the archpriest Semyon Nikolsky told: France had the Orleans maiden - Joan of Arc. Russia has the Stavropol maiden - Rimma Ivanova. And her name from now on will live forever in world kingdoms . The coffin to the earth was lowered under sounds of weapon salute. Subsequently the local clergy even brought up a question of Rimma`s reckoning to the Community of Saints.

Soon Russia entered a long strip of distempers and shocks. The tomb of the gentleman of St. George Rimma Ivanova in a church fencing was destroyed, and her name - for a long time forgotten. But history places all in the places. Today near Andrew the First-Called`s temple on the alleged place of burial established a small gravestone. On the schoolhouse - a boarding school (the former Olginsky gymnasium) strengthened a memorial board. The local museum opened the exposition devoted to the only woman awarded with the Order of Saint George for a military feat.]