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How successfully to fulfill the first day on the new place? All of us, sooner or later, something change

in life. Independently or under the pressure of circumstances. Habits, friends, apartment, husband, work. Of course, it is better when the choice is made by you, but you do not scream how Kostik in the movie Pokrovsk gate : Changes Approach! and then obediently you trust in destiny.

Not everyone manages to follow a golden rule: To be happy - it is enough to go in morning with pleasure to work, and in the evening - with pleasure home! . Speak, it is even necessary to go to permanent job every week the new road (not to fall into long stagnation!) . What to tell about those who decided to change a job in general. It - destiny of strong! Not many decide to step in uncertainty. And in it there is a mass of advantages.

In - the first, you here are not known yet, and you, at last, can prove as long ago wanted, but were afraid to try on this mask.

In - the second, any changes in work will bring the whole wave of novelty in your life: both new friends, and new feelings, and efforts, and pleasures. So why not to let in all this to itself? So, not to get into a mess in the first working day, we will begin to prepare for it in advance.

Investigation. Specify at your predecessor or the most skilled office old man detailed plan of the room (toilets, dining room, smoking-room, vacation spots). Look round in your new office: perhaps, in it there are no top partitions - then all personal calls by phone will be heard to neighbors. Perhaps, office mail is looked through by security service, and the food can be carried with itself from the house.

Learn a day regimen office (who in how many and with whom drinks tea frays about soccer plans important meetings in what hours likes to work strenuously, and also to have a rest your boss). Penetrate into corporate rules of conduct and style of work: perhaps, on the new place exists defined dress - a code (company colors, obligatory second footwear, lack of trousers and jewelry at women or an ostentatious healthy lifestyle of men - any cigarettes!).

Find out as it is accepted to address to each other : on you or hey, buddy ; whether office communication to uncountable directives on e - to a mail is reduced or the chief personally goes on offices with the frightening person.

Appearance. (Especially I appeal to women!) Attention to the new person - already raised therefore you do not seek to show all the dresses to collective within the first week. You came not to a podium, and to work. Therefore you stick to the muffled tones and classics in clothes.

Friendliness - the most disarming trump. You remember the first rule of Gleb Zheglov: Talking to people, constantly smile! . Thanks to it many say goodbye jambs .

Be polite . At first should be distributed regularly to the right and on the left: excuse explain, please and how you think? thank you for support . These people, really, remade the habitual operating mode to be near you, to prompt something, somewhere to direct you therefore be generous in reply!

Remember names. Someone mentally writes them on a forehead at the interlocutor, someone compares appearance of employees to stars of cinema. If you do not hope for memory - mark in the secluded place something type: kind, in ear rings, with a braid or dark, other, with a violet » tie;.

Write down . Let it will be the hourly report or the list of all instructions - now it is important to hold large volume of information in the head! The Blunt pencil is better than sharp memory! .

be not afraid of mistakes. All of them equally will be: ideal people are not. In the same way the first working day both the President of the country, and the Entertainment star, and the Great wizard worried. Only this way, stumbling and learning, rejoicing and rising to the utmost, it is possible to learn something! And if it is terrible - mentally you take the fear by hand and you continue to work together with it as though you teach something the small child.

I main is: how there passed your first day on a workplace what you felt how tried to be at the correct loss for words and clothes to correspond to the new &ndash level; all this already behind. You - at new top! So, safely walk further!