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Lyubov will unintentionally appear suddenly?

never get used to love!

do not agree how were tired,

That became silent your nightingales

I that flowers fine withered. IT sent to

a signal! A signal of the igniting feeling, He saw in you the Woman! He wants you! Flirtation? Temptation? LOVE! And all this its components! Love the stress, this loss from reality compare to an illness, it, undoubtedly. But the most sweet LOSS in life! Everything exults! Energy rages!

Even if Lyubov is meek. Even if you doubt his true feelings. The love cancels daily occurrence, it crosses out it. The love cancels life, does insignificant offenses and squabbles. When sings your heart - unless you want to swear and take offense? Bio-energetics say that from the person in love there is a pink luminescence. That this person reminds a warm star which shares the happiness with people around.

Yes you and know it - the Love comes to each house! Creative channels open, the person begins to give to the world the heat! How many novels, songs are written about Love! How many to it it is devoted cloths and verses! And in each such masterpiece one wise thought - the Love is available to everyone! For it there are no barriers of age and the place, welfare and wisdom! It has many persons and shades! But She is always beautiful!

It is Charisma! This great test! It is the fact that you will remember all the life! Lyubov in itself is invaluable, but her experience can never be applied twice - she always in a new dress. And to these She is beautiful! Expectation of Love is also unique, has other smack, but it is part of Love too!

As the person the lover changes! Absolutely other bearing, the confidence overflowing it pleasure! Look how lovers as their eyes burn are beautiful! Touch their warm happiness - be glad together with them! Your Lyubov nearby! It already prepared for you a new surprise. Waited? Receive! Did not wait? Especially! She is a mischievous person. Charming woman. Sweet pain and Great Secret.

The ode of Love can be sung for hours. It it is worthy. The anthem of Love - all life! Only for the sake of it it is worth coming to this world! To LOVE! To give LYUBOV! Was able to accept it! Happiness to your houses and HUGE ALL-CONQUERING LOVE!]