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New year in Japanese or How to present itself one more holiday?

come on February 7 New year according to east calendar - Year of the Yellow Earth Rat. Many of us are still confused who actually possesses calculation according to lunar east calendar? One speak - to Chinese, others claim what to Japanese, the third just tell - to east people.

Having visited several sites, specified: east calendar, also as paper, gunpowder and is a lot of other inventions, belongs to China.

And Japan till 1873 lived according to the Chinese lunar calendar too. The favourite winter holiday was, as well as now, sliding - every time fell on new day, at the end of January or in the first half of February. But winds of change blew

under pressure of the European powers and the United States of America Japan, at last, opened ports for free trade with foreigners. But the chronology difference at the same time caused big inconveniences. And then the government the strong-willed decision transferred the country to solar calculation of days. At the same time 13 days were lost, after the eleventh the first came " at once; moon next year.

Since then there passed nearly one and a half centuries, and Japanese got used to meet New year long ago then when also we - on January 1.

You know how the events held at the very end of December officially are called? Meetings on oblivion of old year . It is possible to smile, of course, having heard such name. But, as well as a lot of things in the east, it is not deprived of wise sense.

The farewell to the old year is ritual too. We surely have to thank him for those joy which it brought us. To release with it all our failures, grieves and disappointments and to try to forget them. Then they and will remain in the past and will not pass in the coming year.

Only having forgotten the expiring year, according to local representations, it is possible to carry out the solemn act of transition to new.

And here Japanese more often according to a lunar calendar meet New year. As well as Europeans, they give a leading role to an evergreen plant. Only did not eat, and the pine representing eternal youth and longevity. It needs to be exposed directly in front of house gate.

It is considered that on the top of a sosenka the deity of the coming year goes down and inhales fertility to the earth. And that the hardworking being was not tired, prepare for it a nourishing entertainment: round rice flat cakes of Motya, rice wine (Saca), persimmon, tangerines, dried and salty fish.

The pine, a bamboo and plum together make classical triad winter holiday. Small sheaf from branches of these trees it is accepted to hang out before apartments and today. It is obligatory to tie up it a plait - a charm from rice straw, it is desirable the last harvest.

New year was always considered in Japan as a family holiday, and this tradition is observed still. In the last night of old year souls of ancestors which family members are obliged hospitably come back to the house and with honor to accept. Presence of strangers at the same time was forbidden. And whoever in what trusted, at Japanese the habit at this time to visit to each other was not developed.

But deities and souls can avoid the dirty place - therefore clear-out the day before was arranged, and evil spirits were conjured away by special ceremonies. Each Japanese knows that most of all they are afraid of peas and beans. Therefore it is necessary just to scatter them before new year on a floor in vsekhkomnata, sentencing: Happiness - to the house, devils -!

A New Year`s gift in Japan - a kind of a wish. And what it is possible to wish to the neighbor? Speaking briefly - happiness. Therefore it is possible to present a ship by which 7 gods of good luck with infinite treasures onboard float. Or - a toy bamboo rake, them it is so convenient to rake in the money and good luck. Or the same decorative arrows and rackets for game in a flounce. Their mission - to banish and frighten off evil spirits. For the same also the fan will descend. Movement to - makes up for wealth and prosperity, from - relieves of undesirable fluids.

Why and to us not to present to the family, relatives and friends this day some lovely knickknack with wishes of good luck, happiness, health, love

approach of the great moment is announced by 108 bell blows in all Buddhist temples. According to Buddha`s doctrine, also the person is subject to 108 temptations and sins. Under bell sounds all sins one by one have to consign to the past. Then there comes the holiday which is very reminding a carnival.

Celebrations are ended, the deity of year fluttered away from a sosenka and returned to the place of the continuous stay in mountains, and life goes on. Proceeds from a new and blank sheet.

And if for us New year according to east calendar for the present a little others for children and youth it is an excess occasion to give to themselves one more romantic and fantastic party of a meeting of New year.

of Holidays, gifts and attention, as we know, does not happen much.]