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What designates the mysterious word - Anenerbe?

Often happen so that this or that phenomenon or the fact cannot be explained from the scientific point of view. But if they do not have decisions within our world and outlook, it does not mean yet that decisions is not present at all. And as soon as we begin to consider irrational and easier to say occult, mystical, that over and over again we will come across one and too the word: Anenerbe.

Anenerbe - the most mysterious and mysterious organization of the twentieth century or maybe all times. The special department of this organization researched mysticism and magic. Also it is necessary to give itself the report that these researches were approved and financed by the state. Neither to, nor after similar did not exist. Some organizations, maybe, were also financed, but it was never advertized openly whereas Anenerbe - officially.

Anenerbe was formed by the decree of the Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler in 1935 in Germany. Initially the organization had longer name which was reduced to Anenerbe subsequently that in translation means heritage of ancestors . And in 1937 Anenerbe passes under complete control of CC that gave really boundless opportunities. CC are elite divisions to which anyone did not get.

Near Anenerbe very often mention legendary Shambhala. And it is not vain. It is authentically known that the organization sent two expeditions to Tibet, and her scientists one of the first opened doors of Lhasa, the spiritual capital of Tibet. For certain it is not known whether it managed to Anenerbe`s employees to reach Shambhala. Besides these expeditions by Anenerbe`s employees also other projects were carried out: excavation of locks and territories, and also expeditions to other countries.

Everywhere where something was beyond reasonable, members of this organization appeared. Not always obviously, but it is absolute. Why? It is for certain known that Anenerbe kept account of paranormal abilities at the employees. From them the separate division which purposes and tasks are unknown so far was created subsequently.

Except usual prospecting works the organization took monuments of culture, library under control. Anenerbe represented the most powerful scientifically - a research complex which contained from 13 to 50 scientific institutes in the structure.

Besides archaeological and similar research researches Anenerbe had also other party. It is impossible to forget that Anenerbe entered CC that automatically meant delivery of various resources under needs of scientists. All opening concerning burns and frostbites, actions of various preparations were made in the years of World War II. Most Japan and Germany succeeded in these researches. Anenerbe laid to researches a hand also.

But this organization became history not only the physicians - murderers and executioners, but also researchers of an occultism, mysticism and magic. And also scientists and inventors of the first disk aircraft.]