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What is family business in Russian?

Concept family business it is used in the western practice for a long time, but still was not widely adopted in Russia. Meanwhile, such companies in our country have essential specifics, making, according to some information, up to 70% of total number of small and medium-sized enterprises.

In some foreign family companies from relatives demand 10 - 15 years to work in other corporations before they are able to enter family business. Far more simply in Russia: there is a desire to earn, the car and cellular communication so at first we will be got involved in a fight - and there we will look whether it is necessary to us?

There is nothing surprising that children of our famous actors, singers and politicians decide to continue business of parents. Way, on the one hand, the elementary: men of weight and high communications - as on a silver platter, admissible mistakes and difficulties are already passed by ancestors, and the loud surname will always open the necessary doors. On the other hand, there is a danger to become such sufferer to which it is constant, in this or that form, hint that on children of celebrities the nature has, as a rule, a rest!

is known to All that Christina Orbakaite, Stas Piekha and Nikita Malinin possess not so strong and bright voices, than their parents. Just as Nastya Nemolyaeva, Alexander Lazarev - younger and Ksenia Alfyorova cannot brag of the worthy, memorable roles unlike the senior actor`s generation with the same surnames yet. But it does not frighten at all the growing-up stars which continue to be untwisted on fatherly or matrimonial money.

In Russia business of fathers from time immemorial was considered as a good tradition to continue. With pride it was told: In our sort to the fifth knee - all potters or The Master - clever fingers. It at them - family! .

But modern family business in Russian proceeds from simple unwillingness to share profit with somebody. It is enough to remember the phrase, widespread in Russia: Bothered to work for foreign uncle! . However, family installation can be also a bit different: at the beginning of 80 - x Alla Pugacheva and her husband is a producer, starting this or that the family project, often repeated each other: To Rotar with envy will hang itself! . Even several years, noisy divorce later " vapors; Pugacheva - Kirkorov it was reduced to discussion of two lists: several brands departing to the spouse, and more impressive list of property, left to the wife. And you what wanted? Business is business, though family!

Today it became again fashionable to contain family little shop or design - studio (beauty shop, exclusive department in boutique), to transfer high positions and communications to children, to develop family business on the Internet. Along with it in Russia traditions of farming revive, there are private bakeries and furniture shops, dynasties of doctors, scientists and teachers revive.

Here several examples of successful business management by the Russian family clans:

Kaspersky Lab :

last year of the largest Russian anti-virus company hardly managed to avoid revolutionary shifts in council of board. Natalya Kasperskaya holds a post of the Chairman of the board of directors now. And its ex-the spouse Evgeny Kaspersky, the owner of the internal nickname " Brand; and the main shareholder owning a half of the company is CEO " Laboratories;. Besides them Council of board includes five more people representing branches of the company in Russia, the USA and China.

Shops of " electronics; World : to Whom to entrust

the business when the age does not allow to do favorite thing as actively any more how ten years ago? Founder of a large retail network of " electronics; World Alexander Kabanov at the end of last year declared business management transfer to own son holding then a post vice-the president of the company.

Success on Forex : the Muscovite Alexey Karpenko successfully works hard years as

at the " market; Forex and actively attaches to this business of the 10 - the summer son Anton. From the first class Anton together with the father attentively watched educational movies, remembered plots, penetrated into tables and terms. Now Alexey with pride speaks:

- Progress at Anton, of course, variables. Serious money I do not trust it and not in money business yet! Most important: I will give to the son a profession thanks to which he will never remain without work. And that is interesting: the wife, seeing persistence, our with the son, gradually too it was involved in cunning science of trading.

Landscape business:

is Told by Evgeny Andreyev, the CEO of CJSC A dinose - " Park;:

- Family business is a hobby, the engine, lifestyle of all its participants. Family business is when you go to bed, and you dream dreams about your projects when you go to have a rest to find new ideas and it is pleasant to look at landscapes of others - and you. Of course, it is difficult to divide working hours and the days off. If someone from us, for example, goes to Monte - Carlo, then in a casino as most of people, he will not go - he will go to look how there the Japanese gardens are realized. Rest is for us not an award for work, and its continuation.

the Small family company as ours, is very convenient from the point of view of management: we quickly react to change of environmental conditions. Plus to it is to me it is not necessary to make excess efforts in order that to explain something to family members. They understand a state of affairs without wasting words. Other positive moment is that in family business the accumulated knowledge, the experience got during work does not disappear, does not leave together with hired workers, and remain in the company. However, sometimes, to relatives it is necessary to be especially exacting

" shop; Storyteller (Izhevsk):

Nikolay and Yulia Matsulevich successfully realized long dream of the shop of exclusive gifts. Having found good masters in a tree, metal, professional tailors and designers they began to take orders for creation and selection of individual gifts for the VIP - persons of Izhevsk and the republic. While Nikolay conducts negotiations with suppliers and masters from other cities, the wife checks accounting reports, contains a staff of sellers, and also will organize in shop thematic evenings, seminars and exhibitions for clients, inviting to herself to a spark of psychologists, actors and artists, famous in Izhevsk.

And the last. which appeared recently the " magazine; Family business leaves under the motto: Achieve success in business, having kept a family and health! . the Editor-in-chief of the magazine - Larisa Lastochkina - constantly receives letters from the surprised readers: Any person in life well manages something one: either family, or career. And you suggest to combine? So does not happen!

- Happens! - Larisa answers. - Just reflect for the sake of what you work? If your initial motive - a large sum of money, you can even not look in our magazine. If as a starting point serves the comfort and wellbeing of your relatives - that why not to combine business with pleasure?

It is more often to see the family, to discuss with them common cause or family creativity, to together plan the bright future - what can be more pleasant?! ]