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What watch real men wear?

Each real man since the childhood want to be unlike others. Throughout many centuries of the man changed hairdresses, clothes, accessories, following the recent fashionable trends to emphasize the identity. Some of attributes of man`s clothes forever consigned to the past or endure the second youth, but the fashion on a stylish watch was and remains invariable.

are hours one of the most important external indicators of the status of the man. Saying Time - money it is not without reason actual to this day: one glance darted at o`clock of your interlocutor happens enough to define his situation in society, solvency and existence of special taste. In general, the aspiration to well dress, have stylish, status accessories and to look best of all is the main engine of a glamour and society in general.

Agree if on the street the nice blonde asks you: What time is it now? you do not climb in a man purse or a pocket of a jacket behind the mobile phone that still a couple of minutes strenuously to peer into the blinking screen? Looks far more effectively when you, slowly, raise the left hand and with a smile you incline the head to faultless expensive watch, having blinded the lady a weighty stylish bracelet. Such episode by all means has to end with a scene in the spirit of silent cinema: Vanya, I - yours forever!

Around the world, certainly, there is a fashion for hours, and define it not only marketing specialists, and even not two most important exhibitions of clocks in the world Baselword and Geneva Salon de la Haute Horlogerie . The fashion for hours is defined by the famous people: politicians, businessmen, athletes and actors. They, under the contract or of own will become carriers of this or that brand of hours and therefore over time in consciousness of public the famous person and a certain brand of his hours become inseparably linked.

99% of the most famous people - as in Russia, and around the world - prefer to wear watch of the famous Swiss houses. What celebrities at the choice of so expensive bagatelle are guided by?

If the businessman is able to afford practically any frills the prominent politician, especially the President of the country, has to approach with special care a question of the choice of a watch.

To have passion of our people the same hours as at the President, it is clear. Vladimir Putin - the person with excellent taste. Not without reason the hours noticed on the president`s wrist instantly become a hit of sales in Moscow. In Vladimir Putin`s collection hours of different brands: Patek Philippe, A. Lange & Sohne, Breguet, Blancpain. At least, in these hours it appeared on public. For example, in China the chamber imprinted it with hours of Breguet Marine on a rubber thong. Their cost - about 15 thousand dollars. All also saw the known picture of Putin specifying a new route of the oil pipeline bypassing Lake Baikal: on a wrist Patek Philippe Perpetual for 60 thousand dollars flaunted. Also at it is classical simple hours of the Patek Philippe " brand loved by it; Calatrava in yellow gold which cost about 20 thousand dollars.

Alexey Kudrin also carries the most exact chronographs from Patek Philippe. And Yury Luzhkov`s hand is often decorated by the classical Calatrava model created in 1932: white gold, the price - 15. 850 euros.

The most famous owner of one of the most expensive hours of Sky Moon Tourbillion in the world from Patek Philippe is Bill Gates. Perhaps, looking at the star sky of the Sky Moon, he with success develops new ingenious business - ideas?

By the way, Patek Philippe - the only firm which one and all mechanical clock receives the highest sign of hour perfection - Geneva Brand .

Vladimir Zhirinovsky has the most scandalous and memorable hours in the collection. Its leopard Rolex are a subject of envy of a half of the State Duma to this day.

Favourite brand of the businessman No. 1 in Russia Roman Abramovich also are Rolex which in a collection of the oligarch - great variety.

Gravitates to Roleks and chairman of the board of directors Euroset Evgeny Chichvarkin.

History of success of the star " brand; Rolex in general it is rich star admirers, and also known married couples. For example, Madonna and Guy Ricci, David Beckham and Victoria Adams.

The German hours of A. Lange & Sohne prefer: prominent businessman Alexander Lebedev and main Virtuoso of Moscow Vladimir Spivakov.

The Breguet brand is highly appreciated by the director Nikita Mikhalkov. He is a happy owner of a gold watch with A.S. Pushkin`s portrait on a reverse side and serial number 001 which representatives of this hour company presented it in honor of 200 - the anniversaries since the birth of the great poet.

Adherents of the oldest Swiss sentry Dom of Vacheron Constantin are: vice-the prime minister Victor Khristenko and the head The Alpha - " groups; Mikhail Friedman.

Zenith carry: oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov and TV host Andrey Malakhov.

Bvlgari chose: actor Vladimir Mashkov, singer Dima Bilan and legendary restaurateur of Moscow Arkady Novikov.

Rado sympathize: the former vice-the Mayor of Moscow Valery Shantsev, actors Sergey Bezrukov and Alexey Chadov, the director Fedor Bondarchuk, the tennis player Marat Safin and the musician Ilya Lagutenko.

For the last year the price policy of many largest Japanese, Swiss producers and official suppliers towards increase in the prices very seriously changed. It occurred for two reasons:

- the Japanese producers decided to increase the presence at expensive segment of the market of hours, having let out quite large number of the new models capable to compete with the Swiss producers, having at the same time raised the prices of standard production and having reduced production of the cheap mechanical clock which was earlier in great demand for territories of Russia;

- official suppliers and producers changed the scheme and conditions of deliveries that inevitably led to increase in the sredneoptovy prices.

However if you - the stylish, successful man, and the price question for you does not matter - it is a high time to look narrowly at worthy hour masterpieces. Such accessory, undoubtedly, will add to you solidity and will emphasize identity.]