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Whether the truth that sugar explodes?

I Hurry to calm: is not necessary right now, so, just in case, to remove a sugar bowl far away. If someone from people also suffered from sugar bowl contents, then usually such damage is reparable: well, you will think, to treat tooth or to keep to a diet. Rumors, nevertheless, go different. In particular, about large-scale explosions at sugar plants. Also the menacing imaginations about the critical sweet weight which small group in a sugar bowl is quite harmless come to mind, but once it concentrates where - nibud on plant - and here to you explosion!

Whether sugar so can explode? Yes and no. Granulated sugar, lump sugar, brown sugar, sugar syrup do not constitute such danger under no circumstances. Everything burns, of course. But real, loud babakha you from this sweet production will not wait. Is, however artful fifth " element; - icing sugar. And only from it expect from it at plants of any troubles And it is not vain.

Sugar production - dusty. The smallest particles of icing sugar are groundless, accompanying different stages of readiness of a product. It would seem - hang and touch nobody. But it for the time being.

Present that where - nibud in such dusty shop the faulty electrical wiring sparks. Motes around it light up. The smallest size of particles of icing sugar (no more than 0,1 mm) provides them the maximum surface area which such mote reacts with oxygen. It is oxidized. Burns down very quickly. And nearby in a suspension - myriads of the same motes which at once pass on each other fiery baton. They burn down amicably and almost in one stage. It looks as explosion of big power. Such explosion can even demolish plant from a face of the earth. Here such innocent sweets.

And if we hear that where - nibud the shop of sugar plant blew up, it means that there violations of equipment of fire safety took place: big concentration of sugar dust in air, and, of course, a spark source.

At plants successfully fight against sugar dust. In - the first, by means of ventilation. That not to release dust into the atmosphere, it is caught by means of various filters: woolen, fabric and even pitch. Use also special devices - cyclones. In air turbulences which are created by such device centrifugal force begins to work. It rejects firm particles to device walls, they lose at the same time speed and settle in the special bunker.

It is necessary to notice that not only sugar dust constitutes danger. In similar conditions (the concentrated dusty suspension and a source of a spark) with almost absolute guarantee any organic substance will explode: flour, coal dust. However, it is at all not an occasion to be frightened the packed-up flour and to refuse to itself pleasure to mold home-made pies.

No, to you it is not necessary to be afraid all-. Be not afraid of bags with sugar, cars with sugar, structures with sugar. Be afraid of a devil-may-care attitude to equipment of fire safety on production. I hope, you never in life should face it: all want to live - that, and special services do not allow an obvious disgrace.]