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How to realize what we also are forever happy long ago?

Question, of course, paradoxical. Really, if we are also forever happy long ago, then why we do not realize it?!

Perhaps we take for happiness not that makes us happy? And just, on the contrary, what brings us sufferings? Or the unrealizability, unattainability Or excessiveness of our efforts, sincere and physical, spent for its achievement... Or, for example, the fact that having come true everything is not such as it was represented to us Or that having become ours suddenly stops being valuable to us... And worst of all, when, finding for happiness something one, we lose much what already was our happiness As a result we rush behind something ephemeral, escaping, deceptive all the time, and process of a pursuit becomes painful and infinite.

At the same time we are movable by, seemingly, quite optimistical installations: that happiness where - that is - let and far from us in time and in space; what to reach it it is real - it is only necessary to deserve it; and the most important - that sometime we will be surely happy. But, in fact, all these thought forms - are pessimistic. As in their basis the statement is covered: initially happiness does not belong to us.

We all life expect it in the future: we dream of it, we look for it, we aspire to it. And in the present - here and now - we so up to the end are also not happy. However, then, looking back, in the past, we much remember, how happiness! But in the present still we do not see it, with conviction going on: For entire happiness is not enough for me and further - according to the list. We also do not guess that actually for happiness we lack only one - to realize that we also are forever happy for a long time.

How to make it? Very simply. It is necessary to change only the idea of the validity of human happiness.

I found such unexpected answer for myself in the treatise of the famous Ukrainian philosopher, thinker, educator Grigory Skovoroda Conversation of five travelers on the validity of happiness on the earth . Everything becomes obvious if to consider human life in three realities: an interior - microcosm the external, surrounding us world of the nature - macrotousle and the symbolical world of interrelation between these two worlds.

HAPPINESS IN us. At first sight, can seem that this thought not new. The fact that ourselves are creators of the happiness, well-known. But Skovoroda everything is speaks not about it: to be happy - to learn, find itself . Happiness in us not because ourselves create it, creating something outside. It in literal sense in us. Happiness is ourselves, our unique personality, identity. And creators we in the sense that we learn, find, we improve ourselves. Living itself life, each of us passes nobody the reproducible, unique, chosen way.

HAPPINESS EVERYWHERE. We Look for happinesses on the parties and it is with us, like a duck to water, so we in it everywhere and always, and it about us looks for us. It is nowhere then that is everywhere. It venerable to sunshine: open only an entrance to it in your soul. It always pushes in your wall, looks for pass and does not syskivat; and your heart dark and gloomy, and darkness at the top of a chasm . Happiness not where - nibud, not sometime and not because deserved. It - is constantly and everywhere. Here and now! Happiness is just to live. To breathe, see, hear and feel the whole world around in all its manifestations. And still an opportunity (and, boundless, nobody taken away and from anybody not depending) - to learn this outside world the same as the internal.

HAPPINESS IN HARMONY. Regularities micro and makrokosma are uniform. The more deeply we learn the inner world, the better we understand the device of the outside world. And vice versa. Happiness is in feeling this harmonious interrelation between two worlds and, enriching itself with the world around, around to enrich the world with itself.

The wise reasonings Grigory Skovoroda lifts concept of happiness on spirituality level. And what earlier we considered as happiness and what we pursued day by day, only material benefits and pleasures - something momentary, passing without what we appear in this life and without what we disappear from it.

True happiness - category eternal. Therefore belongs to each of us long ago and forever. And the earlier we realize it, the we will longer be happy!]