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How to choose the audio system? Sizes and trademark. Whether

Are something the general between the audio system and a women`s skirt? Probably, differently how to explain why both to the center, and the terms " are applicable to a skirt; pass and midi . But there are also distinctions. Micro - skirts I did not meet yet, and here audio systems with the similar characteristic - a set.

A basis of such division of audio systems - the case sizes. Or, if to approach more narrowly, - width of the forward panel. I will make a reservation at once that this is not about mobile " herrings; or " boomboxes; though surpassing by the sizes stationary microsystems, but considered as figurative. And it is necessary to listen to the speech about stationary devices which it is possible in silence of the apartment or in noise of a house party.

Width of the forward panel of microsystems usually does not exceed 18 centimeters. Of course, it is not the standard, but we will stop on such value. As a rule, the owner of system will be deprived of pleasure to listen to cassette records. For the mechanical tape drive mechanism of the place in the case it is not enough.

But whether it is worth despairing? Already vinyl disks became an anachronism. The cassette sound board, though meets in a complete set of larger audiorelatives stopped being prime necessity long ago and it is used, only when it is necessary to wiretap any old cartridge with voices of the grown-up children long ago. Quality of cassette music will not be compared to records on musical disks.

Usually the microsystem works about a compact - and pass - disks. It perfectly will be suitable for the small room and, despite lower price, in a number of parameters will not concede to larger minisystems.

The sizes of the case of the last allow to place not only CD - a chendzher, but also a multichendzhder, stereo FM - the tuner and a two-cassette sound board. However, from a multichendzher wait for an opportunity to swallow at once couple of tens of disks. Its limits - 3 - 5 pieces.

Width of the forward panel of such systems 21 - 28 centimeters. If the place of your dwelling - the room of 15 - 20 squares the device in the " format; pass perfectly in it will get accustomed.

The highest quality of a sound and a wide range of additional functions will provide to the owner a midi - system with a width of the forward panel 32 - 36 centimeters. Structurally it can consist of several blocks, apart from acoustics. Will be suitable for the most spacious premises and will satisfy claims of any music lover.

On what to stop - solve. Do not forget only that image - an integral part of our life. The trademark in most cases plays an important role.

If any firm - producer made efforts and spent time for that about it label responded positively, it will - bondage should conform itself to the imposed requirements. Otherwise the spent means vanish for nothing.

Firms - versatile persons, such as Sharp, Samsung, Pioneer, LG do good, sound equipment of average quality, best-selling thanks to rather low price. As leaders in a quality combination and the acceptable cost it is considered to be the Aiwa and Kenwood brands. The known Sony and Panasonic offer buyers the first-class devices. But nobody could present the best quality, than Technics at the market of a household audio equipment yet.

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