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How to help a homeless animal?

Nearly an every day we see the hungry, dirty, frozen animals who are heated on hatches of a heating main or looking out of windows of cellars. Heart is broken off from desire to help them. Often similar presents children bring home.

First of all, taking an animal in the house, it is worth thinking about own health and health of relatives. Attentively examine an animal, bald spots in wool (especially if skin under them is injured), allocations from ears, eyes, a nose of an animal, the blown-up stomach, slackness, pale mucous a mouth can be signs of an illness.

The most widespread parasite living on pets are fleas. Their existence rather easily is defined at attentive visual survey of wool.

in case of detection of fleas to you will be helped by a preparation Strongkhold (several drops on animal withers).

Further it is necessary to be convinced that the animal is not infected with worms. The inflated stomach, cough, at late stages - pallor mucous are signs of a helminthic invasion. Even if you did not find these signs better to be reinsured and give to an animal glistogonny: Kanikvantel - plus or Drontal.

If at an animal snivels, slackness, sneezing, a liquid chair are observed, it is necessary to enter hypodermically at once Vitafel and to address as soon as possible the veterinarian. of

Existence or absence of fungal diseases, such as deprive, without veterinarian it will not be possible to define also. In an hour after processing by Strongkhold the animal can be washed if you did not notice traces of fungal diseases. If you suspect their existence, it is better to use Nizoral.

After a while when the animal calms down, it is possible to try to take temperature, it is normal of 38 - 39 C. Temperature increase to 40 C speaks about a possible infection, the lowered temperature can be a consequence of long hunger and an infection.

Now when you and the animal in safety, is time to think of what to do with an animal further. If you are ready to keep it - the problem is solved and if is not present? First of all it is worth checking announcements of missing of animals. Nothing was found? Be not upset. Be not conducted on announcements on a pristroystvo of animals for money at all. Generally the swindlers wishing to profit on others grief give these announcements. In most cases they will take money and will throw out an animal in the next wood.

The simplest decision - to try to attach an animal in a specialized shelter, but similar institutions often are crowded, on quarantine etc. In such situation it is necessary to work independently. First of all it is worth taking several qualitative pictures podobrashka . Announcements with photos draw attention more. The zhalostlivy the muzzle will turn out, the quicker there will be an owner. It is possible to advertize in the attached animals in " newspapers; Bulletin board and From hand to hand and also the local newspapers which are free of charge thrown in mailboxes. At some forums there are specialized sections. If is a little free time, it is possible to print and stick several self-made announcements.

What troublesome business would be no animal pristroystvo, remember that you - the last chance of a zverik to find the house. In your forces it is a little better to make the world.]