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VTF claims: at the same time words will come and their creators of

the Mistakes made by us are creations different types of education: initial, average, the highest and others. We demanded from education that they were directed to a victory in war and accumulation of big riches, and also Socrates`s statement that the person - is mortal. They were one of sources of disasters which brought to Mankind. We thought that these errors can since be corrected by means of big expenses. However it did not happen. These mistakes earlier not perhaps were to state since in - the first, were not proofs of the great theorem of Fermat, in - the second, did not know, and would even know, O. Khayyam`s words:

There is a lot of thought in the heads, but, alas:

If state them - not to take down the head!

Only this paper is worthy trust,

Oh, friends, you are unworthy trust!

Not knowledge of assignment of a code - numbers to each intelligence generated human societies with shortcomings - artificial intelligence (robots). It is clear, that if such educations and shortcomings of organisms of people prosper further, then no great teacher in the world will bring up us to geniuses. From there is need: at the same time to clone eternal and ideal intelligence and to train them. About everything it is detailed in tm. iatp. net

comments and for reflection I will give O. Khayyam`s rubayata In quality.

Ya - the schoolboy in this the best of the best worlds.

my Work is heavy; the teacher is painfully severe!

To gray hairs I at life go in journeymen,

Still I is not enlisted in the category of masters

I the mote and a thaw - live particles were,

the Black ringlet and a long eyelash were, Dust and sweat from a face wipe

carefully and gently:

Round - the Dzhigit and the Moon - a yasnolitsa were!

You see this boy, the old wise man?

It sand is amused - builds the palace.

Give advice to it: Be careful, the youth,

With ashes of the wise heads and hearts in love!

I went down to the potter`s cellar,

There once the potter, as always, conjured with clay.

to me suddenly opened: He from ashes of my father created a fine bowl


Month for months were replaced to us,

Wise men were replaced by wise men to us.

These dead stones at us under legs

were Before pupils of captivating eyes.

We were obedient dolls in hands at the creator! It is told to

by me not for the sake of a beautiful mot.

Us on a scene supreme on threads drives

I pushes in a chest, without having finished games.

Even the genius - creations a wreath and beauty -

the Way terrestrial makes for a quarter of hour.

But in a pocket of the earth and in a hem at the sky

Are live people - while there is heaven!

If you look for all life of pleasures:

to Drink wine, to listen Chiang and to caress beauties -

All the same you should leave it.

Life is similar to a dream. But not eternally to sleep!

In the God`s temple do not let me on a threshold.

Ya - the atheist. It god created me.

Ya is similar to the loose woman whose belief - defect.

of Rada sinners to paradise - yes do not know roads.

This world - these mountains, valleys, the seas -

As a magic lamp. As if a lamp - a dawn.

your Life - on glass the put drawing, Nepodvizhno`s

stiffened in a lamp.

Neither from my life, nor from death of my

the World became richer not and will not become poorer.

I Will be late for a while, in this monastery -

Really I will leave, without having learned anything about it.

Everyone prays to god on own harmony. All of us want

to paradise and there is no wish to hell.

Only the wise man who gained insight into God`s purpose of

of Fire and brimstone does not fear and is not glad to paradise.

Hell and paradise - in heaven - hypocrites claim.

Ya, in itself having glanced, it was convinced of lie:

Hell and paradise - do not twist Hell and paradise in the palace of the universe,

is two half of soul.

That is zealous too, shouts: It - I!

In a purse gold jingles: It - I!

But hardly will only manage to adjust affairs -

Death to a hvastunishka knocks on a window: It - I!

Those that believe blindly - ways will not find.

of Those who think - doubts oppress eternally. I Am afraid of

that the voice will be distributed once:

Oh, ignoramuses! Road not there and not here .

These rubayata can be continued. Conditions of science and education can be characterized as: in due time soldiers of Suvorov army sang the song: It was smooth on paper, and forgot about ravines. And on them to go... ]