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How effectively to hold a seminar - meeting?

appear more and more modern ways of conducting various meetings, presentations and other similar actions in recent years. However sometimes you notice that in 15 - 20 minutes most of attendees hardly hide boredom and indifference. Why does that happen? It seems both subject interesting and necessary for participants of action. I hope, these simple councils will help to open some secrets of carrying out such actions.

So, I want to talk to you, my dear reader, about such interesting subject as a seminar - meeting. In general, it is one of the most beloved me types of meetings. In respect of the fact that on them it is possible to read the interesting magazine, to solve some problems, to porazgadyvat crossword puzzles, at last! But it is, of course, a joke. Though many and consider this type of meetings.

Actually a seminar - meetings bring huge benefit. Unlike usual meetings nobody strains you, asks you about results of work or the performed tasks. It is possible to sit and improve the skills quietly. And recently a seminar - meetings are held in the interactive mode.

So what is necessary specifically for us if we appeared on a seminar - meeting? In - the first, of course, the serious relation to this type of meetings. It is serious. The state or private firms spend big money to provide training and professional development of the employees.

How to hold a seminar - meeting? A seminar - meeting has to be thought carefully over, up to trifles.

In the beginning it is desirable to discuss a subject of future seminar, with involvement of experts. To outline the scheme of performances, and the subject has to be strictly sustained.

The sequence of subjects of speakers has to be observed. If, for example, there is a seminar on a subject of statistics on population census, then in the beginning there has to be a census history, methods, carrying out terms etc.

observance of regulations is obligatory. The good capacious report has to keep within at most 25 min. There is a speaker, having been fond, reads the paper for an hour. You imagine this disgrace? Some manage to sleep during this time!

In such cases the chairman has to hint correctly the speaker about regulations of performances.

Sometimes listeners show desire to express on the matter. For this purpose it is possible to arrange at the end of a seminar a round table on the discussed questions.

About trifles. If there is opportunity, when holding seminars it is desirable to transplant listeners around. It is very desirable that they sat at tables and had an opportunity to summarize heard. Also round table creates more democratic situation, giving the chance to conduct a seminar in the interactive mode.

Naturally, makes very good impression when before listeners the elementary set of office lies: handle, pencil, couple of sheets of paper, and also mineral water. It will show to listeners attention which is paid to them, and will increase their responsibility.

Here the most necessary minimum is given. Of course, variations a set up to that if meeting is intended for a long time, it is possible to carry out breaks on coffee - a break. As practice shows, on such breaks discussion of questions of meeting continues in easier situation.

Well, we include the imagination, we take advices and forward, to hold meeting!]