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How to grow thin across Montinyak? Phase first.

How many times you kept to a diet and lost 10, 15, 20 kg (to insert necessary number)? And how many time after a diet was gathered 15, 20, 25 (see above - to insert necessary number)?

How to stop this roundabout? The answer - a diet across Montinyak. Why? Let`s think...

Though before thinking of any to a diet, it is necessary to see a doctor and to be convinced that with your health everything is all right and there are no contraindications - or diseases which can provoke completeness.

Well, were convinced that everything is all right, - it is possible to think further.

1. To grow thin and to gain weight again, it is necessary to find a diet which will become a way of life, but not punishment for bad behavior and not encouragement for good.

2. The diet should not be similar to the higher mathematics - formulas of calculation of calories, weighing of portions, charge of points - can be, it also leads to additional burning of calories due to the strengthened mental work, but it is very difficult.

3. 5 hours in fitness - club 4 times a week? And to live when?

Now let`s look that is represented by a diet across Montinyak and why it meets all above-mentioned requirements.

1. The most approximate to normal food - it is possible to eat cheese, meat, sausage, fat (!), eggs, sour cream, chocolate (!) - the truth, only bitter, with the maintenance of cocoa not less than 70%) and a lot of things still. And wine can be drunk... Without speaking about vegetables and fruit...

2. There are no restrictions on calories and portions - it is possible to eat, you will not gorge on yet though it is not recommended to overeat.

3. It is not necessary to strain with physical activity. Rather usual walk on park.

Where a trap, are asked by you? I and eat all life, and scales read off scale...

The answer is simple - in a combination of products. This idea is also the cornerstone of food across Montinyak. The glycemic index is appropriated to each product (the glucose index is accepted to 100%). And on the basis of this index the menu is formed. Absolutely it is impossible - bread from white flour, sugar and honey, macaroni, rice, the cook - Coca and similar drinks. Some restrictions are in the choice of vegetables and fruit, at least in the first phase (it is not recommended to eat potatoes, corn, beet, boiled carrots, bananas, a water-melon, a melon, grapes). All the rest - is possible, but is careful. Is three times a day are necessary, without missing meals, and the dinner has to be a lung. It is possible to add an afternoon snack - fruit.

The main diet consists of two phases: the first - a hudeniye, the second - maintenance of weight on lost level.

In this article we will consider the first phase.

Combination of products. Animal protein (meat, cheese, eggs, fish, chicken) can be combined by


with crude vegetables (carrots, onions, greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper, olives, etc.) including sheet, for example green salad;

with mayonnaise, sour cream, milk;

with all bean (haricot, lentil, peas).

Carbohydrates (rice, porridge, buckwheat, rye bread) should be combined:

with crude vegetables;

with all bean. Fruit can be eaten with

, as much as necessary; the preference is given the richest by cellulose (apples, pears, plums, apricots, all berries, except grapes).


Fried eggs on fat with tomatoes. Coffee with milk (though Montinyak does not recommend some coffee, but my experience prompts that if without coffee - then two cups a day - are possible in any way). Or - porridge on water, a piece of rye bread and coffee. Or - fruit (practically any) with the fat-free yogurt or cottage cheese. Pay attention - we do not eat some sausage or cheese sandwiches.


Vegetable soup. Meat (chicken, fish) and a green salad with mayonnaise or olive oil. Or a liver with a garnish from green beans or lentil. For a dessert - berries (strawberry, bilberry, raspberry).


of Spaghetti (across Montinyak, they can be eaten even if they are made of white flour as by their production the chemical structure of the final product changes that significantly reduces its glycemic index), the prepared al dente - cooking in the boiling water within 9 minutes, with tomato sauce. Or - buckwheat cereal with the onions fried on vegetable oil. Or - cheese with olives, avocado and a raw smoked sausage or ham.

Caught idea? We combine products, and there are no restrictions on calories or quantity of the eaten food. Eat, did not gorge on yet. And the food has to be tasty! After food it is possible to dare to drink a glass of wine though it will slow down process of loss of weight.

It is possible to remain in the first phase as much as long, but at least - 3 months. During this time you not only will grow thin, but also your pancreas will come to a normal state. The second phase - maintenance - allows more free combinations of products and has less restrictions, but, strangely enough, demands more discipline and self-checking. But about it is in the following article.

It is recommended to be weighed every day, understanding, however, that fluctuations of weight to 2 kg are during the day normal. If you do not grow thin absolutely at implementation of all recommendations of a diet, it is necessary to see a doctor again and to check a condition of an organism. But the purposes in loss of weight have to be real.

There are no indications to physical activity - if there is a wish, it is possible to go in for physical culture, and is not present - in park three times a week (or is more rare) will be enough half-hour walk.

Good luck, beauty and health!]