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Whom to be to mother?

Mothers everyones are necessary, mothers everyones are important - these lines from the acquaintance since the childhood of the poem of S. Mikhalkov are not especially actual today. Most of employers has an invariable rule: not to take in a staff of employees with children till three years at all. Mothers look for an exit, grandmothers, relatives, or, as a last resort, nurses come to the rescue. In the world of the growing inquiries of mother seek to raise the monetary income of a family anyway.

It is told about a subject of combination of career and motherhood much, but it is necessary to consider that not all women dream only of professional achievements. Often the child is on the first place, but nevertheless he grows up, free time appears more, and to many housewives the thought comes the head: why not to begin to earn additionally.

I had to spend much time in search of activity, possible for myself therefore I decided to collect all found options in one article. We will speak about vacancies for the mothers who do not have or changing permanent job if a priority for them is, first of all, the family, and then - career.

1. For that who have no opportunity to leave with someone the child for various reasons at all will be suitable distant work . Generally it, of course, is connected with work on the personal computer and with the Internet.

Here at once it is necessary to tell about what, first of all, you face. Such simple vacancies, as typesetter of the text keyboarder and sometimes and proofreader with a mark work at home in 99% - fraud. I for interest sent in total letters 30 to similar vacancies, 25 answers came from them with different options of a vymanivaniye of money (under the guise of an insurance premium from 50 to 190 rub) the others employers kept silent. There, most likely, it is possible to carry also announcements about klikovy earnings and paid polls in American (it is rare - Russian) the Internet. Directly did not concern it therefore I will strictly not judge.

We will mention only real options of such work. On the computer it is possible:

to write articles if you have abilities. And, several professional directions are allocated here: copywriting (writing of advertizing articles), rewriting (copying of ready articles) and, actually, non-staff journalism for the Internet (or sale of the interesting articles written by you in magazines). If you have a scientific warehouse of thinking, then it is possible to become the author papers, course and theses; if you are fluent in language, can be the translator ;

to be content - the manager , or, in other version of a job title, " editor; and sometimes and the editor - the proofreader the website, that is to fill a certain website with content (information). For this purpose it is usually necessary to know the Adobe Photoshop program for processing of photos at least a little;

if you not bad draw, and there is a desire to master several programs, it is possible to become of web - the designer, the illustrator or a banner - the maker (to do advertizing banners for the Internet). But here the patience and time is necessary to acquire a good portfolio for worthy earnings;

to be engaged in untwisting of the websites and search of advertisers;

to help to operate process of creation of the websites ( the project manager ), to operate advertizing sale ( the account - the manager ); information on the called vacancies contains on the frilansersky websites;

to become the operator on phone or the interviewer (data will need to be made out in electronic form).

not connected with the personal computer possibilities of a side job rely on your abilities, namely:

If you are able and like to knit, it is worth offering the works to potential buyers. It is possible to buy the knitting car and to learn to create masterpieces, for example, to knit on to the mechanical assistant templates and to finish them manually.

the Same treats ability to sew, to beadwork, a macrame and other types of needlework for self-realization and earnings.

Here too roguish announcements are: you should not react to vacancies concerning collecting handles or gluing together of envelopes.

At huge talent in the field of cookery some mothers, for example, earn, selling own original cakes and pies.

In the designated work options the success in many respects depends on the organization of a workplace.

Can begin, eventually, career with vacancy of the cleaner in such room which will not be dangerous to the kid.

announcements of the " type Sometimes meet; needs the nurse on an exchange . What does it mean? You borrow the child, and then when it is necessary for you, give the child to already familiar mother - the nurse. But here it is possible to agree also about payment, and if you have education abilities, to take several children from familiar mothers. There is an option of registration pass - a garden, only documents it will be necessary to collect much.

And, at last, in a case when to leave the child there is nobody at all and in a garden the turn did not reach, and you have organizing abilities, and you at any work are not arranged officially, an opportunity to go to preschool institution together with the child is rather advantageous. Your sick-lists will implicitly suffer, you will know a lot of things about the child from colleagues, there will be an experience. Only a salary small, and here you will not promote if there is no desire to work in this sphere constantly.

2. At an opportunity for a while to leave the child, will suit work with the free schedule . Here everything depends on a profession, I can only call several options what I encountered:

teacher: now there are many vacancies on teaching different objects with hourly payment;

(The only minus of such work - the thorough training to each occupation demanding a lot of time in the absence of experience.)

the tutor (departure on the house more approaches the pupil in our case);

the proofreader (part-time or 2 days in a week);

the operator call - the center (4 - 5 hours a day, morning or evening);

insurance or advertizing agent;

single work: participation in paid polls. Here options can be

much more because mother more freely and, as it was already told, work is defined by your profession, opportunities and desire.

Psychologists claim that to mothers to come back to work after a long break very difficult. It is important to trust in the forces, know that at any defeats you have a protection - your family. The victory does not happen without losses, and, having begun work, you for the child will become that authority of whom he will be proud. The main thing - to act together, but not in defiance and to explain to the kid for what you need to work not only at home.

I hope that this work brought though a little advantage. If there are still ideas, can share?

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