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Why it is impossible to be rude in response to the offer on cooperation? Everyone tells

only about himself and only from the belltower, and in any way not differently

External display of an inner world is. Outlook, and, therefore, the assessment of the events is defined by spheres of competence and influence of the personality. The speech about mutual understanding of the events can go only if near you the person with the similar design horizons, that is, being at your level of a scale of ranks. One trouble, and real: he - that can just help you nothing as he thinks, sees and owns the same, as you!

Or the person understands the one who is lower level, but in any way not on the contrary. Not to understand to the dwarf of the giant, and the CEO`s cleaner, the beggar of rich does not understand, as well as full hungry. It is an axiom. Laws of Life are that. It would seem, stated long ago to all it is known, then to what we repeat again? And to the fact that nobody or very few people perceive and embodies these Ideas as concrete techniques of self-realization, creation of the life, reorganization of habitual life.

The person reads the text or perceives the phenomenon and treats it owing to the opportunities of a chuvstvovaniye and understanding which are defined, first of all, by the fact of the birth and health. Also gives a maxim. Which did not lie with that sense or also nearby with that value which was put in the text or an act by the author. You to it about Foma - it to you about Erema. The maxim can how to expand and deepen sense (in a case when the person is above on a scale of ranks), and to pervert, humiliate, level (when the person tries to estimate higher).

Here also we look, the Lord good who and that speaks to you and as estimates you, you told and made, and at once we see who what costs. You remember: the person always speaks about himself. Without noticing and without controlling, it issues data on the spheres of competence and influence, on world view level, about morally - ethical qualities. Any deception and training of it not to hide, I guarantee as the subsequent real work will show everything absolutely precisely! Take conclusions and act in compliance with circumstances.

Therefore it is impossible to make competent judgment of a subject or the phenomenon, the beyond your spheres of competence and influence. You do not understand. You to be able nothing, my dear Your task - to sit and listen when two Moscow professors speak You are a layman. Unfortunately, but it so! Alas. And if you are also rude, then the ill-bred layman. Any person whom you meet in life something is able and knows much better you. Offered you cooperation, and you spoke in a certain tone You were told about the new project - you mockingly burst out laughing It is even possible to refuse or state a critical remark differently. Understanding rather a little Believe, will do without you.

True-life story. Summer. Coast of the lake. The company of bankers celebrates birthday of one of attendees. It is natural that the people drank and decently, relaxed, sprawled around a fire ashore. And already all as they were tired are silent, everything is stated, all wishes are sounded, we just enjoy in the warm evening and the company of each other. And here the neighbor in giving sits down by us and, knowing who and that in the company, begins to poor-mouth:

- Well, hire me, well, arrange where - nibud, I supposedly good

As soon as it broke harmony, the owner sharply took it under an elbow and took aside. What is important? The person understands that the team is necessary, and it is necessary to get to it in some way that to one not only not to break through, but in the field - not the creator, and pits not to construct one, BUT, But also BUT - time and the place he chose unsuccessful.

And if personally address you and the person socially and economically successful what is visible already on a manner to put on also on behavior, eyes and a look, and you still at the same time will desire to be rude, what you can tell about yourself?. Finally only the begun cooperation will clearly show who and that Is, only the facts, but hastily to refuse the offer in our century of the increased deficiency and the competition serious, the businessman has no right.

So the person also vegetates in to two twenty on verticals and meter twenty across, fondly or proudly believing that he can estimate and take out judgments another. What to tell? Sadly. To escape from the closed space, it is possible to expand the design horizons only by persistent education and education, self-education and self-education, experience, experience and once again experience. And experience that it was talked of development, has to be essentially new all the time, i.e. the speech about constants assimilation and approbation of information and skills, essentially new to you. And for this purpose it is necessary to overcome constantly physiological laziness that we will frankly tell, it is heavy

I here to us is come to the rescue by Bol in its most various manifestations. Not for nothing the Tibetan doctrines claim that pain is lie of a body, i.e. the body does not trust us, remembers that we began and did not finish affairs, refused work at the slightest tension, generally, we cannot be trusted and let solve cages: we will remain in our stable existence and already thereby we will rescue ours intellectually - a spiritual idler from that Quality for which he gathered. In the well-known fable of Krylov it is Cancer which constantly moves back back, does not let us in bright future, and actually observes power dynamic balance of our existence. Always consider energy because its stocks will define all your ways - roads. In total through pain, through tension, step by step, hour after an hour, on in advance you to the approved plans. From where they will undertake? - you ask. So it: at whom was born at whom it was christened at whom studied It is also Destiny initial! But if you have more, than 14 years, then you already and have the right also a duty to resolve cooperation issues in everything independently. So good luck! Everyone chooses also itself and on himself as it is sad for everyone and for all together, from the point of view of public cooperation. The result is available: look in a window - all clearly.]