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How to improve the visual memory and attentiveness?

In every way happen in this life. Someone is beautiful, and someone not really. Someone is fast, and someone is sluggish. We come to this life the allocated different abilities. What to do if it was not lucky with a visual memory? Actually it is not such a problem if know that any person is allocated with ability to study. Any can improve any quality by means of trainings. The offered exercises for improvement of a visual memory and observation can be carried out at any convenient time. For example, sitting at boring meeting, during trips on public transport, it is possible to turn them into game with children. The main thing - to work!

Exercise 1

Deliver to before yourself some most usual thing, it is better than bright color. Let it will be the magazine, a flower, orange or a compact - a disk. You look quietly regarding some time, but it is very attentive, trying to imprint it in the memory. Then close eyes and try to remember this subject with the maximum accuracy. Try to remember its size, all details and imprint all this in the brain. Then open an eye, look once again regarding and look as far as it differs from the image created by you. Attentively note the missed details, then close eyes again and try to improve the image; then you look again regarding and continue until you do not manage to make quite clear vision of a subject with all details.

Exercise 2

Take one of the objects mastered by you and, having received the exact intellectual image, try to draw with the way described in the first exercise its form and details. For the first time set to yourself something simpler. Estimate quality of your drawings not on art talent, and by quantity of details which you remembered and could apply on paper. Do not think that not really it seems that you are not able to draw. The main thing in this exercise - is simple its performance. At the same time not the subject, but its image has to serve you in your memory

These two exercises by model develop observation and ability to remember in such strong degree that through short time you will only be capable to look at something only once, and then to make a sketch with all main details. If it was pleasant to you and you want to continue, work with more difficult images. Let it will be persons, buildings, landscapes. Before to start it, sit down quietly and try to describe appearance any of your closest acquaintances. You are surprised to that how not clear will be actually caused You image.

The error of many of us is that we tried to remember the person in general, but not in details. Begin with consideration of details, but not with storing of a general view of a subject. Do not try to apprehend all subject entirely at first sight. Attentively consider a nose, eyes, a mouth, a chin, a hair color, the general shape of the head etc. Perceive separate details of a subject, imprint them in the memory, then start the following details etc. Begin to practise on your acquaintances, then you pass to strangers.

The same concerns buildings. Try to describe some building by which you go daily. You will understand that you are not able to remember numbers of windows, a look and the size of doors, forms of a roof, eaves, jewelry etc. You never actually plainly saw the house, you just looked at it. Begin, getting accustomed to the building which is on your way, to reproduce after mentally its detail. Next day be engaged in the same building and consider new details (and them will be much), continue until you make a fair idea of this building.

There is also one more secret. At the time of a nervous tension, or for rest after umstvenny and the nervous tension, does not grab a cigarette. Try to execute the first exercise with your favourite landscape. For me, for example, it is the picture to this article. In 10 minutes you with guarantee will remove a nervous tension and will come to good mood.

It is rather effective method of development of observation. But the main thing - to overcome laziness and to begin to do exercises.