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What do we know about trees - signs of a horoscope of druids? Willow.

Should be warmed to not hot spring sun - and on the southern slopes of hills on coast of streamlets and small rivers the willow blossoms. Snowdrops just are going to cover the earth with a motley carpet. But so far serebristo - gray tiny, fluffy balls - cats the covering reddish harmonous twigs, - the only spring flowers. Smells in the spring, air becomes purer, is more transparent more loudly.

A willow - one of names of a willow. In a Gallic horoscope of Yves replaces the Pine and exerts impact on formation of human characters during the periods from March 1 to March 10 and from September 3 to September 12.

Given rise under the sign of Iva can seem sad and apathetic. But it not so, just they are thoughtful. In Iva a true pessimism is absent, but there is a little irritating feeling of own exclusiveness. The willow happens quite difficult partner as not at once adapts to a situation and does not love compromises.

The man perfectly is able to represent from himself weak creation, but it is only playful or protective maneuver. In feelings he is rather romantic, than is sentimental and does not love emotions everyday, colourless. It is clever, gifted an artistic flair, intuition and an insight.

In the melancholic woman - Iva something mysterious is felt, she is full of not clear thoughts and imperceptible feelings. You should not be trusted too it to mild appearance, actually it is delicate, but is resolute. Well knows what wants, however, never imposes anything to others. It is interfered in it by tolerance and lack of authoritativeness.

A willow which other names of a vetl, the brittle willow, a willow, is a sort of plants of family willow. The Latin name Salix happens from Celtic sal (close) and lis (water). From the name it is visible that favourite habitats of plants near reservoirs.

The few types grow in dry places, on slopes, sand, as well as on bogs. The sort unites a set of plants, on different sources of the known types from 170 to 600. Such discrepancies are caused by the fact that willows are inclined to formation of hybrids and to work of the viable versions which are crossed among themselves and giving to posterity new features. Even at the same individual the form of leaves, ear rings or other signs can change over the years.

The willows growing in different climatic conditions can be a little similar at each other. Among willows it is possible to meet both the real trees, and small bushes. And willows - dwarfs whose growth hardly exceeds couple of centimeters grow in the polar countries and highly in mountains. They hide in mosses and do not poke out a nose outside, taking cover from cold winds and snow. Such tactics allows not only to survive, but also to exist, to raise, accumulate successfully green material and to provide a survival of many northern animals.

We got used that the willow blossoms in the spring, but there are types dismissing flowers in the summer. The flower in itself is a little noticeable and small. But inflorescences - ear rings to see absolutely easily, especially on a tree without leaves. In orthodox Russia willow branches - willows use in a church ceremony on a Palm Sunday.

Ear rings - same-sex. On one tree all flowers either man`s, or female. A willow - a dvudomny plant. A fruit - a two-fold box. Seeds - small and easy, covered with a white down. On air are short-lived and only several days keep viability. But, having got to water, keep standard for years and at once sprout, having appeared on air.

Favourite regions of a willow - the northern areas of Eurasia and North America, the mountain of China. Africa had not to liking and there it is not enough representatives of a sort. And they are not in Australia at all. In Russia about 130 types meet.

Many types have economic value. Wood is used in construction, for production of small tools, receiving cellulose. Bark is rich with tannins and is used in the tanning industry for a tanning of skin. Long flexible escapes - fine material for production of wattled products. Earlier from bark of a willow got salitsin - an aspirin basis.

In traditional medicine bark is used as quinine substitute. Is a part of sudorific tea. Infusion is recommended at cough, a headache, feverish states, for rinsings at an inflammation of a mucous membrane of a mouth, furuncles, ulcers and perspiration, for strengthening of hair. Experiments showed that the man`s ear rings collected in the spring have the toning effect on action of the heart.

In France the young escapes cleared of bark are eaten. They are boiled, fried with sugar and onions, filled with flour sauce and vinegar. From young leaves, kidneys, escapes make tea which, according to fishermen and hunters, lightens mood and gives force. In the Caucasus the recipe of preparation from pollen of man`s ear rings of the honey drink strengthening walls of blood vessels is known.

Stay term " is short; at a wheel signs of a horoscope of druids. The second decade of March, as well as part of September, will pass under the auspices of a charming Linden. About it soon.]