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How it is correct to drive the car?

Driver`s skill consist of a set of details. About some elements of experience it is possible to judge by style of driving, and something is shown only in critical situations. But there is a sign which allows to estimate the driver still before he moved.

for this purpose have enough to see how he sits in the car.

Designers of cars try to make sitting and governing bodies of the car the most convenient for the person. But average sizes. The car model is more perfect, the it is more at it than adjustments of provisions of seats, a wheel, pedals. But these adjustments should manage to use correctly. It is too the whole science which for some reason is not learned anywhere. Look at the cadet of the educational car. He almost laid down a breast on a wheel, extended the head forward. It seems to it that so he better sees the road. And the instructor collapsed on the next seat and prompts nothing. It is unknown how he will drive still.

And at future driver habits already develop. He will learn methods of driving, but also having acquired the rights, will continue to sit so. And even having learned to steer mechanically the car, will not only be tired quickly, but also to constitute danger on the road. Often it is possible to see the driver with the elbow which is put out in a window in the summer. You steer clear of it. If landing correct - an elbow does not reach a window. Be afraid also of the driver who reclines, having cast away a seatback.

And what it, will be asked by many? Let everyone sit as it is pleasant to it - if only did not violate the Rule. But safety consists of trifles. Especially at modern intensive traffic. What it is more important for the driver - comfort, feeling of the car, convenience of management, visibility, smaller fatigue? Probably, all this together. How to choose an optimal variant?

What it is necessary to make, having got the first time into the car? Even, if it has a minimum of adjustments.

to Pick up distance to pedals. Legs have to be straightened almost completely when pressing pedals up to the end. It will allow to use pedals easily. In such situation to record a seat on length. Then to undertake both hands the distant end of a wheel, to rest a back against a seatback and to record it in this situation.

If the back is closer, then it will be more difficult for you to twist a wheel if further - at sharp turn of a wheel you have to or tear off hands from it, or to come off a sitting back, and it serves as an emphasis at turn. Even if you have a cheap car without lateral ledges at a seatback - at an emphasis in it you will not shift sideways, and you will not pull for yourself a wheel. And inexperienced drivers cling in such cases to a wheel that complicates management of it and can lead to accident. Also do not forget to be fastened. Even safety cushions at operation are calculated on the sitting of the driver fastened and pressed to a back.

If in your car, except sitting adjustment backwards - forward and an inclination of a back there are other adjustments, then adjust a seat on height that over the head to a ceiling there were 3 - 5 centimeters (optimum for the review). Or put an additional pillow.

Also adjust a back bend that in its middle there was a horizontal ledge repeating a shape of a backbone. Or hang up the corresponding cape on a back. Adjustments of a wheel and pedals will allow to adjust the car to themselves even more precisely. Do not forget to adjust after all settings central and lateral mirrors. In expensive cars all these adjustments are remembered for different drivers and automatically are established when they take the wheel.

If you still sit incorrectly - adjust the car under yourself. And at once be convinced that began to be tired less as it became more pleasant to go. And the fact that it is safer and more effective - believe me - the driver with 40 - summer and to the autoathlete with 10 - a summer experience.

In conclusion - the test. Try sitting to raise at the same time both hands, and legs. If it is possible - means you sit correctly and you can carry out separately all extremities the thin movements. Then - forward! Pleasant and safe to you driving!]