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What the general at a penthouse and an attic? John O`Brien

According to Dahl`s dictionary, housing under a roof has several names: attic, room, svetelka, and even teremok. The room and a svetelka crowned with themselves rich country houses or houses of the city suburb, and the attic - it is rather the an attribute of houses of landowners characteristic of country estates or houses with gardens in silent part of the city.

A penthouse - the garret equipped for inhabited needs. The French architect F. Mansar is called by last name (1646-1708).

the Device of a penthouse gives the chance to receive additional useful area in the form of space under a roof which turns out as a result the roof has double slopes from each party.

An attic - (from ital. mezzanino) - a superstructure over a middle part of inhabited (usually small) house. The attic often has a balcony. In Russia the attic was widely adopted in the 19th century. as part of stone and wooden houses of middle-income. Often meets in pictures of Kustodiyev and other Russian classics. The attic was under construction usually with three windows, a pediment and own roof. And the attic essentially differs in it from a penthouse, i.e. inhabited use of a garret of all house.

In penthouses there lived poets, artists, singers, musicians - such housing cost little, and the bohemia always has no money. At the word penthouse roofs of Paris, boulevards with yellow foliage and small cafes are remembered. At the word attic - patriarchal life of the Russian suburb, lordly manors, picturesque suburbs.

The set of literary associations and magazines carry the name Penthouse literary Magazine Penthouse it is registered in St. Petersburg that shows very pleasant literary connotation. The attic bears many literary associations too - The house with an attic Chekhov, association of futurists Poetry Attic (1913: V. Shershenevich, L. Zack, K. Bolshakov, S. Tretyakov, etc.) .

But attics and penthouses attract with the romanticism and proximity to heaven not only Russians and not only classics. We already considered L. Kondakova, Derk Hansen and Kinkeyd`s pictures here - bright representatives of " style; romantic realism . And at all three - whether it is casual? - it is possible to find fine samples of penthouses and attics in pictures. Is, there is in these architectural phenomena something, except just practical desire - to increase a living space!

And here one more painter whose pictures are pleasing to the eye and warm soul - John O`Brien. < (1951 - 2004) studied b> John Patrick O`Brien in prestigious Art League of Student`s in New - York, in studio to Greenwich subsequently - Villidzh, in San - Frantsisko and in Paris. Its academic manner of the letter in combination with love to beauty is typical for the American impressionism. Its works are in many private collections of the USA and Europe.

Interiors and streets in his pictures - real or completely invented, tempt and cause desire to appear there, in these friendly corners of Earth. It also is modern romantic realism . His passion to France, Italy and Ireland can seem in series of romantic graceful interiors, street scenes of action, cafe and boulevards. And in his many pictures - small cozy penthouses and attics in which there is a wish though a little to live, spend holidays or to lodge heroes of some lyrical narration, movie, novel.

The Russian reader besides will not do without reminiscence of Zurbagana and Lisse, and of simple, cheerful residents of the seaside cities, will hear the hidden music and will feel warm wind.

Affected with a serious illness, John O`Brien till last days tried to bear the pictures pleasure and a positive to all audience. And unless it is not pleasant to put in cold winter twilight on the monitor a picture of the cozy lane of the Mediterranean or Californian town and to dream of a coffee cup in street cafe?