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Where to find time for important issues? Whether

the Truth that you constantly lack time, and no schedules of affairs help? And I so will tell - all this only seems to you. Be not indignant, be not indignant - now I will prove it to you.

Here you look, you planned to read this article today? Most likely, no. Means, you read incidentally caught sight article though are awfully busy and a lot of things are not in time.

Caught, what is the matter? Actually, time at you has enough, as well as at all people. All piece is in how you react to all that wants to take away time belonging to you by right.

Attentively look around - orange wants that you ate it; 80 books on the shelf want that you began to read them; the computer and demands that you checked e-mail; each traffic jam is eager to see you the regular customer; and t. d, etc. How to be?

I want to please you - an exit is! Also you will be helped by one magic word. As soon as you learn to remember it in time and to apply correctly, time will become " at once; rubber and you will be able to find room in it for everything that to you will take in head. Before this word even traffic jams are powerless! And they will not be able to take away your time more.

Are intrigued? Well, I will reveal to you secret. Remember forever this word - " breaker;.

Now we will sort a case with the same traffic jams. For a start define one business for which you constantly do not have time. Only you do not say what constantly is not enough for you on the 15th time of affairs. Let`s agree - at first you learn to use the breaker to one business. And then both 10, and 100 cases will appear within your powers.

So, we take the handle, a leaflet and we write one business for which you constantly do not have time. Wrote?

And now your life will begin to change very strongly. Let`s say you appeared in a traffic jam. Act simply - remember the word " breaker;.

It means that process of taking away of your time should be interrupted immediately. Include your audioplayer and listen to the cartridge connected with your business.

What - you any more in a stopper, and there is no cartridge, and there is no player? Well, then get a leaflet on which there is information on your business from a pocket and begin to learn this information. And the leaflet such in a pocket did not appear?

I do not scoff at you at all. All this examples which show how often life gives us additional, superfluous time. The traffic jam is an extra time for occupation by your business; any turn is an extra time.

Whether you will manage to use it, depends on whether you remember the breaker. The breaker is a way to interrupt the process which is taking away time. As the breaker it is possible to use a dictophone, audio recordings, books of a small format, some listings. In a word, at you always have to be near at hand house preparations on your business.

The problem of many people is that in their life there is too much unexpectedly arising superfluous time. And they are not ready to use this time in own favor.

Next time when to you in life orange, either 80 books, or a traffic jam meets - remember the breaker, and at you will become time much more! Just think what processes which are constantly found on your way need to be interrupted and how exactly it can be made. At you it will turn out, I know, and you will manage to make all affairs, important for you.]