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So such this placebo and whether always it is useful?

... What only nonsense is not offered for treatment. From difficult and pseudoscientifically looking devices with the blinking bulbs and the summary about a salutary mu - the delta - ionoplast from bags with relic pitch of the obscure structure from Pamir - and to river water over which in beautifully decorated room the father waved with a censer and said certain texts. And all this very much helped someone . The credulous, wishing fast healing, and also convinced obskurantist, give examples of the " type; it very much helped my aunt from Sarapul from an eye tic or I daily accept it for a sharpening of mind, and see as works .

And a little more skeptically adjusted readers who understand that a box with a green bulb which passes acoustic waves through vacuum, neither wire tetrahedrons, nor unboiled water from the crane to help nothing and never can, soothingly say: " placebo;. Yes, yes, - rejoice inclined to trust in everything on what the label " is pasted; unknown - it is necessary to TRUST, Tats will help and who does not trust, and will not help that.

Logically consistent conclusion: it is necessary to trust IN EVERYTHING, then EVERYTHING will help, and life will be fine. It already somewhere is close to a sayentologiya which claims that there are no diseases at all, and one our continuous imagination. Imagine yourself healthy, and all. In total - it is sick? Badly imagined.

That is as a first approximation we understand the word " placebo; so: helps not because helps but because the patient TRUSTS. And actually that it means?


of Placebo ( of armor. placebo, letters. - flattery it will be pleasant ) - physiologically inert substance used as medicine which positive medical effect is connected with subconscious psychological expectation of the patient. Placebo is incapable to affect directly those conditions for the sake of which change write out a preparation . Besides, the term the effect of placebo is called by the phenomenon of non-drug influence, not only a preparation, and, for example, the radiations (sometimes use different blinking devices, even laser therapy etc.) . As substance for placebo often use lactose. Extent of show of placebo - effect depends on suggestibility of the person and external circumstances treatments for example from the size and bright color of a tablet, trust degree to the doctor, the authority of clinic.

Is used as a control preparation in clinical tests of new medicines, in procedure of a quantitative assessment of efficiency of drugs. One group of examinees is given the tested preparation checked for animals (see preclinical tests), and another - placebo. The effect of application of a preparation has to exceed authentically effect of placebo that the preparation was considered acting.

That is effect of temporary improvement of health and smoothing of symptoms from auto-suggestion is, but it NOT TREATMENT, it is the seeming short-term effect. The illness from placebo does not disappear anywhere, and will prevail soon. Therefore that the preparation (medicine) was considered acting, its influence has to EXCEED this placebo. That is the quantity cured by a preparation has to be MORE, than quantity accepting a baby`s dummy and lightened because trust.

Whether placebo is safe?

It is considered to be that it if does not help, then will definitely not do much harm . But USE of placebo in quality (and especially INSTEAD OF) can lead treatments to irreparable losses of time and deterioration in a condition of the patient. As occurs when patients buy the idiotic advertized units, are smeared loaded vaseline or drink unboiled water which remembers that over it read the Writing . And when they come to the doctor - it turns out that time is missed, and what could be cured, will inevitably kill the patient now. It is the most terrible when it happens to children because of the ignorant parents who had heard plenty of baizes about wonder-working, clairvoyants, folk healers and other incognizable influences . It is just terrible that in the 21st century, appears, still it is very necessary to explain that swelled throats at a diphtheria or blood poisoning it is necessary to treat not a prayer, not " holy water; and immediate hospitalization. Well as? They read that one scientist measured quantity of nucleons and leptons in holy water, and it was one hundred times higher there!

There is one more serious problem. The doctor in some measure uses placebo - effect always as he always persuades the patient to be treated and promises that it will become better for it. If the patient trusts the doctor, it very well affects his state and vice versa - if does not trust, then even the correct treatment will not help against psychological depression.

But in order that the sugar tablet worked as placebo and the patient received real improvement, the doctor has to assure him that it is a strong preparation. That is simply to LIE. Without deception any effect of placebo is impossible as the patient has to be SURE that it will help. whether

A is ethic to the doctor to lie to the patient? Whether he in this case breaks the law on the right of the patient for information? And whether it will turn out so that when the patient learns that new remarkable etc. means was a sugar tablet, he will not believe next time the doctor AT ALL (to neither it, nor others!) also will not accept from it even real treatment? And there can come also radical deterioration owing to psychological shock.

of Placebo - effect is admissible only in extreme cases, when all real methods are settled , and it is necessary only to support the patient psychologically.

Use of placebo as biologically inert treatment is allowed in placebo controlled scientific researches, the truth, with certain reservations of the ethical plan. Use of placebo as biologically inert therapy and platsebopodobny (unchecked, experimental) treatment which influences at best symptomatology and quality of life, but not on the frequency of complications and mortality, is possible in the absence of standard is proved to effective therapy (P. Lichtenberg and soavt., 2004). However the patient has to know that he receives such treatment and to agree on it.

Conscious appointment to the patient of placebo or a platsebopodobny preparation in the presence of therapy with the proved efficiency is a gross medical error and violation of the rights of the patient for effective treatment.
( Health of Ukraine 12 / 1 July, 2007)

In paragraph 29 of the Helsinki declaration on use of placebo was told the following: The Success, risk and efficiency of a new method have to be tested in comparison with the best modern preventive, diagnostic or therapeutic by methods. Controlled placebos of research are allowed only in the absence of the proved effective treatment (World Medical Association declaration of Helsinki (2004): Ethical principles for medical research involving human subjects).

So before upraising a finger to the sky and to pronounce this clever word - remember that not all and not always have the right to apply placebo as treatment, and especially to replace with it treatment or to improve the scientific word obscurantist nonsense. ]