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Beauty and products. Why to use expensive creams? The Answer to a question in heading the reader will not find

in this article. Will find alternative to expensive cosmetics at itself in the refrigerator, in kitchen. Better than the mother - the nature nobody will take care of our youth and beauty.

A lot of superefficient is let out, according to advertizing, cosmetics, and the buyer all the same even more often gives preference to natural. You, for certain, remember how your grandmothers and mothers at the beginning of summer, at the first maturing of strawberry on beds, imposed this a miracle - berry to themselves on the person. Yes and went - in bloody smudges. With the sister it zabavit us. And faces of our senior relatives remain young people and now.

I remember how the girlfriend advised me to clean a face a potato mask . The winter was long. Stresses. Nerves. Hours-long, dimensionless working day. Days off - luxury. The person became gray and lifeless. But there was no time even to look in a mirror

the Girlfriend came to visit me and at once forced to cook mashed potatoes. Without salt. Rastolkla a potato, added a milk spoon (cream was not, cream - it is better!) also put to me on a face. 20 minutes I lay in Tutankhamun`s pose, listened to pleasant music. Then washed cool water. And did not learn the reflection. The easy flush played on cheeks. Skin became very nice on the touch. The girlfriend to me left the whole arsenal of such means in the form of recipes of beauty. And registered to do such mask of times a week, at least. As I was grateful to it for this compelled 20 - minute rest! Correctly say - that inside, and outside. This episode was an incitement to search of new and new recipes of natural cosmetics.

The same potatoes, only crude, will help to relieve of circles under eyes. For this purpose I rub a crude potato on a small grater, I put it in small sacks from a gauze and I put for 15 - 20 minutes under eyes. The mask from crude potato and for all person, for the skin beginning to become covered by the first wrinkles is good. Only the gauze needs already to be cut out in the form of the real mask, with cuts for eyes and lips. Two layers of a gauze are necessary. On one to put potato gruel, - to cover with other layer. To put on a face for 20 minutes. To wash away cool water and right there to apply cream. Once a week needs to be done such procedure. In a month you will be with the person satisfied!

And our the beauty - carrots ! I remember how in the childhood mother taught me to wipe a face with carrot juice with several drops of lemon. Fine means against freckles!

And what pleasant freshness is given by a mask from the carrots juice (or gruels) mixed with wheat flour. By an even layer it is imposed on face skin. We leave for 20 minutes. We wash away at first warm, then cold water. Skin becomes young and equal. This mask can be done often. Though every other day. Carrots give to the face color of easy suntan. It is especially beautiful after long winter.

Refreshes the person and a mask from fresh beet . We mix a tea spoon of polished beet with the same amount of sour cream and a yolk. To put for 20 - 30 minutes. To wash away warm water. Such mask suits for any skin.

How not to tell about chudesnitsa - sauerkraut . Here and no special preparations are required. The thick layer of sauerkraut is put on a face for 20 minutes. For fat skin - on 30. It is washed away by cold water. Surprising properties at this mask: skin becomes velvet, fresh, pure, pores are narrowed. Also is suitable for any skin. Not for nothing such mask is called Parisian . Frenchwomen are a good judge of beauty. And its preservation.

And it is possible just to moisten a gauze in juice of sauerkraut and to put on a face for 20 minutes. Removed a napkin, rinsed a face with cool water. A fine tone for skin!

With a manicuring we will be helped very well to by pieces of the peeled apple . What it is simpler than? You eat apple - bit off a piece and vigorously promassirovat hands within 2 - 3 minutes. Try. Feel a difference before and after. Hands after apple massage need to be washed up and greased with cream. Even the most coarsened hands will become velvet after 5 - 10 such procedures. The same massage will be suitable also for fast reduction in a tone of sluggish skin. Promassiruyte face and neck slice of fresh apple. Wash. Impose cream and go to admire result!

Long to remain young and attractive, it is absolutely optional to spend big money for expensive cosmetics and plastic surgery. Take for the rule at least once in a week to impose masks from the mother - the nature and daily in the morning and to grease with cream a clean face in the evening. Regularity and system. And your age will not need to be hidden! Just nobody will give it to you!]