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Whether it is worth visiting NonGnooch in the country of Siam?

When the person go to other country, and, maybe, even to other part of the world, he seeks to visit all sights characteristic of his place of stay. And to bring with itself it is as much as possible impressions and emotions. Unfortunately, the majority of sights does not change from year to year that does repeated visits inexpedient there. But on each rule there is the exception. What, you ask? About one of them the speech will also go.

Many go to Thailand for a party in night clubs and sea tour. However not only the country of Siam is nice for it. Near the known resort of this country the tropical garden NonGnooch settles down. There is this surprising botanical miracle in several tens minutes from the city of Pattaya or in a couple of hours from Bangkok.

The entrance fee is rather small and makes about 800 Guys together with a transfer, the currency of Thailand is read as baht (data for fall of 2007). It if to use services of travel companies, but it is possible to go there and most, having used for this purpose services of a taxi. Than this amazing place is remarkable?

The matter is that NonGnooch is changeable during the whole year. And there are practically no chances to see two identical gardens. By every holiday workers of a tropical garden land certain flower compositions, in a special way decorate separate ensembles of a garden.

Besides originality of NonGnooch that gives incentive to visit this tropical garden from visit to visit to Thailand, is at it and some other advantages which do not that desirable, and more likely even obligatory its visit.

One of the first advantages is, undoubtedly, existence of different types of plants and trees. The part of which exceeds human growth in several tens times. Special open-air cages are devoted to certain species of plants: park of orchids, plantations cactuses and many others.

Other advantage is pass - architecture. The reduced copies of various structures are presented to NonGnooch: there is both Stonehenge, and a formal garden, various Buddhist constructions which very organically fit into architecture of a garden. In addition is present at a tropical garden and the pass - a zoo where it is possible to meet a cow - an albino, various butterflies and other representatives of fauna.

Time in several hours in a tropical garden speeches of local actors are carried out. They play before the audience various scenes from life: fight muay - thaw, a fortress siege, fight on fighting elephants and other representations. After the end of the dramatized representation of all invite to look at performances of elephants. Where, in addition, you can feed these animals and even to complete a course of elephant massage.

But even in the finest there will always be a defect. There is it and at NonGnooch. And, it is possible to call it defect only with a big stretch. It is a heat. If in the most tropical garden just hot, then where cactuses, just insufferably hot grow. For this reason it is better to visit NonGnooch in cloudy, cloudy weather when the sun not so strongly scorches. Or, if it is impossible, then to stock up with drinking water and cream from suntan.

But one it is possible to tell precisely: it is necessary to visit the tropical garden NonGnooch.]