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How to make so that people fell in love with you?

Hi, buddy! I scribbled this message to facilitate to you life. Of course, if you need it. If is not present - read better the book of horrors. For rebalancing.

Begins to seem that people dislike you Here and the colleague cheerfully told something to the rest until you came into an office. And chief somehow mows with a lilac eye . Acquaintances think out one thousand reasons not to come to you to tea And one fine Friday evening you suddenly realized, as to drink - that there is nobody You why so you live? With it urgently it is necessary to do something!

There are several disarming receptions which will strike the public on the spot! And all who will meet to you on the way, will note about themselves (and, maybe, and about you) that they here with it are that the person it would be good to communicate!

Reception the first. The simplest. by

Make a face more simply! As they say, and people to you will stretch . Try to get rid all problems. Problems do not exist at all. There are only temporary questions which need to be solved. You will be in time Think of the sea, seagulls, sex of everything that raises a smile on your gloomy face. Passersby, having noticed your good mood, on bondage will begin to smile. And you it is good - and it is pleasant to them. You will not notice itself how there will be answers to questions.

Reception of the second. Demanding efforts.

you Come into shop (restaurant, cafe, a hairdressing salon...) and, overcoming desire to blow up this institution for hamovity service, politely you address personnel. It is possible to give a compliment or a joke. Not trite only. In reply you will hear unusual answers. The same polite. At successful combination of circumstances even tender. Be ready to it is do not take in head to be slapped in a faint.

Reception the third. Unexpected.

Fall in love with yourself. It is banal, huh? But as difficult! Also do not confuse, please, to arrogance. It is a mortal sin - angels can rebel. Be twisted in front of the mirror, note what beautiful eyes at you filled with tenderness, kindness and not dissipated love. Ask mother why you are good such. Make a declaration of love to yourself, eventually. There now now when you fell in love with the world in yourself, prepare for response.

Reception the fourth. It is a little psychology. You know

how it is unpleasant when the interlocutor does not look to you in the face. At once there is a feeling that he hides something or simply lies. And itself so do not do. Try to listen attentively, having slightly inclined the head on one side. It is possible to bend slightly forward - better to hear. If the opponent talks nonsense - nothing terrible. Well, the person needs to be uttered! Again think of fine. But do not lose a thread of conversation. Otherwise it is possible to be trapped. The interlocutor will leave happy, and you will be remembered not evil silent word

by Reception the fifth. Trouble-free. This

it is complicated, I recognize. But have patience, my friend! When someone appeals to you, do not refuse. At least, not at once. I understand that at you in each ear on the receiver, and dreams of the third hand do not leave the second week And here council is necessary to it where it is better to insure the car. Inhale more deeply. Show (though gesture though the word) that you will help. In a lunch break, for example. By the way, do not forget about it

Reception of the sixth. The last. I understand

Ya how you want that all and everyone was known about your merits before the fatherland. Yes, you made much and, you are just a genius! But you should not expatiate on it on each turn. People do not love it Agree, it is much more pleasant if not you extol yourself, but someone another notes your qualities. Do not forget about it.

It is possible for a long time to learn to live. But one remains main and invariable - fall in love. And, and the world around. Believe. Forgive. And everything at you will turn out.