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What your real age?

are known Long ago that the real age of the person is not a difference between a year on a calendar and figure in the passport. It is the sum of addictions, the smoked cigarettes and the drunk cups of coffee added to a way of life. Minus trainings, green tea and good dream. Scientists called concrete composed which will help to calculate how many to you now years.

+ You work and live in a constant stress, do not accept polyvitamins. + 1 year of

+ More often than time in two months, you do a peeling. It accelerates aging because skin does not manage to be restored and updated (on it it needs on average 28 days). + 3 years of

+ Suffer from excess weight: you cannot refuse greasy and sweet food in any way, shirk sports activities. + 4 years of

+ Abuse sweet in spite of the fact that in a family there is a diabetes case aged till 35 years. + 5 years of

+ Actively sunbathe on the beach and in a sunbed, do not use protective creams. + + you Smoke 6 years of

on a pack in day for 10 years and more. + 10 years of

- you Drink not less than two liters of water a day (apart from soups, tea, coffee and other drinks). - 2 years

- At you are a creative hobby, for example, playing a musical instrument, knitting or painting. These occupations stimulate production of hormone of noradrenaline which relaxes facial muscles, - excellent alternative to Botox. - 3 years

- You suit yourself fasting days at least every two weeks: at this time in an organism it begins to be developed sirtuin (enzyme which does our cages steadier against aggressive influence of external environment). - 4 years.

- You get enough sleep. The dream is means which sometimes is more useful than any cream: cell fission happens 8 times quicker at night. - 4 years.

- You practice yoga or meditation. They enter us into a kind condition of immersion in themselves, breath becomes deeper (as a result, cages receive more oxygen better breathe ) DHEA hormone - a youth source is actively produced. - 4 years

- In your diet are always red vegetables: tomatoes, beet, red pepper. These products contain such vegetable substances as carotene and lycopene which protect cages from an adverse effect of free radicals and ultraviolet rays. - 4 years.

- Regularly you are engaged in fitness and active sports. At this time oxygen consumption increases, and skin as a result is more actively supplied with nutrients. You spend in the active movement at least 5 hours a week? We congratulate, you can safely lower the age! - 5 years. - you are observed by

at the cosmetologist, you use the cosmetics which is picked up by the expert, you visit beauty shops, and you spend not less than 30 minutes a day for personal care. - 6 years.

You added a certain number of years to the age and remained dissatisfied? Do not worry, you have an opportunity to correct the turned-out figure, age - size not absolute, but relative! Implement as much as possible clauses with the sign minus - also look younger in the eyes.

I finally several councils from the famous women who were a good judge of youth and beauty:

Do not think that you grow old, - it ages (Wanda Blonskaya).

My photos are unfair to me They look in accuracy as well as I (Phillis Diler).

The Secret of eternal youth consists in living virtuously, is slowly and to lie about own age (Lucille Ball).]